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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Neighbours: Endgame' promo

Finn goes nutzoid.

'Twin' promo

This looks dumb.

'Feel Good' promo


Who saw 'A Man Of No Importance', 'Action Jackson', 'Used Cars', 'Persepolis', 'Pelle The Conqueror' or 'The Virgin Spring'?

Is Free Comic Book Day still going ahead?

I've a sense of frustration. I have despondency, nobody cares.

I think I want brushed gold glassware.

Ah, the fate of the St Patrick's Day White House shamrock.

Recall 'Light Lunch'?

Some people don't know how to make good choices in life.

'Creed' and 'Into The Woods' didn't do it for me.

I won't read 'Havenfall'.

I'd try Pumpkin Crisps.

Who recalls Johnny Hates Jazz or Wendy James or Alphaville?

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Deeply worried.”

“What is coming.”

“The army will force them home.”

“Expressing his desperation.”

“Coughs terrify.”

“Social impacts.”

'48 Hours' Quote:

“Blamed it on alligators for 17 years.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“Why do the low budget parks we go to have so many white trash idiots?”

“Can you write it with your blood?”

“I'm here to take you to boarding school.”

“On Christmas Day?”

“Hey, no traffic.”

“Rich beyond any sense of justice.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“And as long as you're living under my roof, you'll wear underpants.”

“No joy in your description of your life; you're defining it by a sense of being trapped, of feeling obligated and responsible.”

“One person actually cursed at me.”

“Didn't bother to reply.”

“Witnesessed anger at the thought of haivng to wait.”

“Wouldn't be helpful in quarantine by any means.”

“Health interviews.”

“From all those years ago.”

“Depth of opposition.”

“Drained of his authority.”

“Our only hope of crowd control.”

“Choice and possiblity that you felt all those years ago.”

“What you wanted for your life to be, instead of what you have now.”

“Involved altercations between the two sides.”

“More severe outcome.”

“Couldn't even try.”

“People closed in their homes watching motionless cities.”

“Children no longer have the basic levels of religious knowledge that used to be taken for granted, such as knowing when to sit or kneel at mass.”

“Entire towns were silenced as the flu passed through...”

“Reset its values.”

“Cannot demonstrate a credible reason.”

“A more unprecedented in peacetime.”

“Under orders.”

“Compliance is most necessary.”

“Can take no more orders.”

“Whole cities were decimated by plague.”

“Pushed him off the scaffolding of the cathedral.”

“It is, as such passages always are in novels, ominious.”

“Swept along towards the grave by a pestilence.”

“Whose language are we spekaing?”

“The have-nots with the have-yachts.”

“Being so distinctly of its time.”

“Wonder why nobody warned us of the way things were going;”

“No one knew where she came from and she made sure to keep it that way.”

“All the ruined.”

“Untethered from social norms.”

“Judgment of society.”

“Vile longings.”

“This isn't how history's supposed to work,”

'Louis Theroux' Quotes:

Lives that no longer seem their own.”

“Did you support Arsenal before the brain injury?”

“What she did to herself.”

“A malign inluence in the world.”

“Why are you laughing at me?”

“No conversation anymore.”

“A burden that can't hoover.”


'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Not to be alarmed.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Terrible mistake.”

“Deep difference.”

“Could not have chosen anyone more disliked.”

“Runinous path.”

“Years of bitter argument.”

“Rescind his support.”

“Lucky to exist.”

“Immensely popular.”

“Growing more isolated and afriad.”

“The win-at-all costs culture had created a corrosive atmosphere.”

“Everything around us was chaos.”

“Frightening decision.”

“Rather inclined to love where money is.”

“Unmarriageable girls.”

“Burdensome dependents,”

“Engineered by and for rich white fathers.”

“Even the Duke Of Wellington, flushed with victory in the Napolenic wars, was turned away for wearing the wrong trousers.”

“Social status.”

“An all but vanished world.”

“Their world swept away by rapid change.”

“Social behaviour.”

“Whose political awakening comes through shouting at the TV news.”

“Endless, attritional culture war.”

“If you suspect this doesn't bode well, you are right.”

“Rural maniacs.”

“Comes freighted with portent.”

“Far above her social station.”

“At an obscure village not far way named Waterloo.”

“Budget is not your primary concern.”

“An underwater panther, for whom, needless to say, no fossil record exists.”

“Someone yelling at you at some volume,”

“Morally repugnant.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“We're not prepared to help you.”

“Not sick enough yet.”

'Misbehaviour' Quote:

“I look like my mother's sofa.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Didn't quite turn out the way everybody wanted.”

“The enormity of the fans' outrage.”

“Enduring consequences.”

“Unalloyed glory.”

“Sneaking regarders.”

“Viscerally hated.”

“Ghastly distinction.”

“Public whippings.”

“Life of respectability collapsed.”

“A very different past.”

“Won and lost the admiration of the international community.”

“Its society opaque.”

“Any sign of protest or criticism of his rule.”

“Unsavoury views.”

“Graveyard of ambition.”

“Openly hostile.”

“Awful dysfunctional people living in hovels!”

“Nothing else should be watched/read/looked at/consumed, except for the purpose of denunciation.”

“All the things we never said.”

“Social disorder.”

“Mocking interest.”

“Exploitable situations.”

“Brooding meance.”

“Private rage.”

'Sunday Indpedent' Quotes:

“Crawling on the floor with his nose to the floor trying to inhale cocaine remnants he had spilled.”

“Effectively got rid of everyone he formed the band with.”

“Written off as unworthy.”

“Her future is behind her.”

“Meant to be coherent but simply wasn't.”

“Obstructive to sales.”

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