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Star Trek Voyager 6x15 Reviewed


This was promoted as America's Smackdown hero v Voyager's battlestar babe. Oh the 90s. Jeffrey Combs and J.G. Hertzler and Dwayne Johnson guest star. This annoys and bores with vigour. Tantalising unanswered questions about the Delta Quadrant were raised and forgotten over the series. Space MMA takes place. TPTB chose to do this. This ep was not lauded.

7 of 9 creates distance wherever she goes. Paris is a useless sexist himbo. This leaves you bone weary. The Doctor gurns. 7 of 9 is made to comply. Paris is pestilent. 7 of 9 has cold will. Harry Kim's masculinity is mocked. Chakotay is antropologist?!? Bad mean guys lurk. One views the 'Star Trek' shows with varying degrees of fondness.

7 of 9 is under intense duress over the space MMA. 7 of 9 says no so many times but isn't heard. People like to see a former Borg drone battered. Janeway's hold and control over 7 of 9 was creepy. 7 of 9 was forced to assent to many things during the show's run. She had cold pride. Her hair isn't mussed by the space MMA. There is not a mark on 7 of 9's face.

There is malicious activity. A Hirogen is seen. This is a potentially volatile time. This was cheap looking and calamitous. There is a dramatically reduced level of threat. This ep is contrary to public decency. This was not wildly adored.

Best Lines:

“Crude and pointless.”

“Throwng their opponents into the stands.”

“I'm trembling.”

“What do you see?”

“My prey.”

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