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Movie Reviews: Our Kind Of Traitor + Lost Girls

Our Kind Of Traitor (2016)

Things are recklessly consequential. Ewan McGregor, Damian Lewis, Naomie Harris and Mark Gatiss feature in this spy dreck. There is ballet, staring, tattoos and no near permanent sense of dread or profound thought. There is furtive business and this is based on a Le Carre novel. People choose to do harm.

This was absolute rubbish. The cheater McGregor has increasingly nasty hair. This was trivial. There is a party, bad dialogue and rotten acting. People have issues of concern about unpleasant people. There are accusations of corruption and mafia involvement. There are twisted dealings and silly accents.

There are ethical choices and socially irresponsible actions and people who do not act in the best interests of others. How quickly normality was lost. Carlos Acosta dances and Stellan Skarsgard broods.

Best Lines:

“I just liked the pretty handle.”

“Your woman just left you!”

“Your personal vendetta.”

“Doesn't offer asylum to criminals.”

“We have no obligation whatsoever to this man.”

“They're children.”

“They're his children.”

“Stern views on good and evil. Which I share.”

“Blood money!”

“Making trouble of him.”

Lost Girls (2020)

Gabriel Byrne is in this true story about an unsolved American murder mystery. It is 2010 and a family live in a grey dull blue collar town. This tries very hard for grounded plausibility. The cops are fundamentally flawed. A mother has 3 daughters, the eldest goes missing. There are social reasons and no responsibility.

Shannan Gilbert is treated as a wretched insufferable daughter and then she goes missing. The mother persists in looking for her. People/cops/local residents where Shannan vanished have a slow response. Shannan worked as a sex worker on Craigslist and had a druggie abusive boyfriend. Shannan went missing in Long Island, had a metal plate grafted into her jaw and grew up in foster care.

The family are told they weren't there for her. The case has a devastating impact on them. Even the 911 operator didn't help Shannan. The uncaring cops are sheer lunacy. Cops make risible decisions and were morally questionable and had a pattern of disbelief. A body dump site is found near where Shannan went missing.

The Long Island Serial Killer (LISK) has been killing women for 20 or so years. The police try to cover it up. Shannan is dismissed as a junkie hooker. We see a clip of Nancy Grace. The mother yells at her remaining daughters and shames the cops.

People are on ruinous paths. There are acts of defiance and a horrible clan. There are awful consequences and terrible things happen. The Stepford community are uncaring. People express disbelief and people live without hope. There are everyday deceits and nobody took swift and decisive action.

The serial killer suspects are hinted at. Nobody is ever arrested let alone charged. Shannan was dumped into foster care because she was bipolar. The LISK is still unknown to this day. Even to this day the police deny the LISK killed Shannan.

People have abusive insulting reckless natures. People are the subject of local gossip and false claims. There is a time jump and heightened fears and the mother deamands the police search an unsearched marsh to find Shannan's body. The mother threatens drastic action. Families try to respond calmly, with unity, discipline and resolve. The mother needs strength, consolation and hope.

Shannan was not on drugs, the autopsy revealed. Is anybody even lookingfor the LISK? We see news footage of the real people involved. The police even messed up Shannen's autopsy. The where are they now epilogue reveals that Shannan's mother was killed by another of her mentally ill daughters. FFS! This was based on a book and was good. Enraging and sad, but good. Amy Ryan and Lola Kirke co starred.

Best Lines:

“Keeps you from lighting paper towels on fire in the girls bathroom.”

“We're still her family.”

“Why can't you be happy for once?”

“She hasn't lived here since she's 12.”

“When will you start looking?”

“If you're not going to help me, go get me someone who will!”

“Tell us what you did to her!”

“You take the money and the gifts that she buys you and you don't think to ask where it all comes from?”

“Girls like this.”

“Hung up on, dismissed and ignored.”

“Do not ignore me.”

“I've a talent for holding grudges.”

“Go handle it.”

“They don't tell you that over the phone.”

“Runs a home for wayward girls.”

“The choices you make eventually catch up with you.”

“Why didn't you do anything?”

“Why are we leanring about this on the goddam Today show?”

“All the other girls have one.”

“Beach turned burial ground.”

“I sold my tv to be here.”

“These women are so pathetic.”

“Where she wants to be.”

“No one helped her!”

“Another ending to all this.”

“Street name.”

“Self important blowhard.”

“What godawful mothers and sisters.”

“Don't worry I left my staple gun at home.”

“Paranoid conspiracy freak.”

“Cover up or just incompetence?”

“In there someplace.”

“The police failed us.”

“Why are our girls to blame at the exclusion of everyone else?”

“Everyone has their destiny.”

“Puke until her mouth bled.”

“Took her to doctors I couldn't afford who gave her drugs she wouldn't take that had side-effects I couldn't stand to watch.”

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