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Movie Reviews: Coffy + I Am Jane Doe

Coffy (1973)

This has Pam Grier, bad acting, bad dubbing, bad fights, heroin and a shotgun. This has ugly fashion and interior design and drug pushers visited evils upon people. Now they face a revenge spree. This goes greviously awry. There are violent confrontations, dark mutterings, a grim kind of awareness and there is a fetid, extraordinary antipathy toward quality. This was artless and there were no immediate serious consequences. There is a street code.

This was feisty and noisy. There are inconvenient realities. This was not hugely eventful. Coffy is surly and furious and she has determination. This was consciously artifical and there are foolish delusions and catfights. This was resonant. There is no cultural discourse and this film is a gloomy presence. There is swearing and this was really crap. There is contemptuous insolence and an impertinent lack of deference. This is consistently annoying and people yell at operatic volumes.

Best Lines:

“Some strung out broad in my car.”

“You better believe it's coming.”

“Got hippies to beat up.”

“Stay off your back a while.”

“Some very strange things have been happening.”

“You're my woman.”

I Am Jane Doe (2017)

This documentary is narrated by Jessica Chastain. This is about trafficking and drugs and abuse and how an escort website facilitated abuse for money. Over a million teens are homeless and or runaways in the USA, many get caught up in trafficking. It makes people a lot of money.

Various victims are interviewed as is an unrepentant pimp and a snotty lawyer who defneded the escort website. The Village Voice was involved with the escort website. Ads for trafficking victims were not taken down. Norman Mailer's son is seen condemning the ads. People had a fanatical devotion to make money

The McCains are involved, the courts failed victims again and again, VISA and Mastercard finally refused to work with the escort website and judges seem out of touch. You can't buy consent, people ignore this. Bad people are brazen, victims have absolute despair and judges are disengaged. People support the pervs 'freedom of speech'.

This was absolutely fascinating and abuse does not seem that overly concerning to judges. The website keeps winning lawsuits and the website seems involved in wantonly violating people. There is an abusive culture and judges have wilful misunderstanding and the website's untouchability is as troubling as it is perplexing.

There is an unavoidable conclusion that people have ideological convictions and the extent of victim's traumatisation is shrugged off. This prompts fury. There are ethical liabilities and this raises serious questions.

Best Lines:

“A life of hell.”

“Sold on that website.”

“Do they have clean hands here?”

“Very abused.”

“Ran away 2 more times.”

“Over and over and over again.”

“Wanted to hurt a pimp.”

“Does what he thinks is right at all costs.”

“Intentional criminal conduct.”

“In thong underwear!”

“Absolute disregard.”

“Alarming to me.”

“Gotta bring up the 'Pretty Woman' thing.”

“Very disturbing to me.”

“Wouldn't want her.”

“Communications Decency Act.”

“Love, charm and violence.”

“You're just a product.”

“The world's more messed up than I thought.”

“People used to order me.”

“Immunity from their actions.”

“Called me horrible names.”

“Keep her out of the life.”

“We will never be the family we were.”


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