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Book Reviews: Daughters Of Chivalry + Ghost Flight

Daughters Of Chivalry: The Forgotten Children Of Edward I by Kelcey Wilson-Lee

This biography of the various boring daughters of the King known as Longshanks is an extreme disappointment. It is full of guesses, dross and padding. It also briefly dwells on how Longshanks' son, Edward II, was ousted from the throne in disgrace. That momentous moment is passed over in a sentence or two.

The long dead princesses had no social legacy or cultural image compared to their father's terrifying public persona. This was dull, even the deep social conflicts of the time are badly written about. This has no melancholy allure – they were rendered invisible and voiceless in life and this book doesn't change anything.

Their brother lost all his authority which is barely dwelt on. They were not intriguingly absent from history. Just somewhat forgotten, like this book deserves to be. Edward I had ruthless determination and engaged in hideous violence in a filth-choked beyond brutal time and the consequent effect on his boring daughters is boring and his useless socially notorious son (and his emeshed relationships with other men) was useless. Woebetide anyone who reads this banal fabulisty.

Best Lines:

“A society built around war.”

“Bind him, legally and indissolubly, to her.”

“Resounded with spite.”

“Year of crises-”

“Negative feelings.”

“Bewitched and stolen away from his loving wife by a cunning malefactor.”

“Loudly bewailed the fate.”

“The local populace threatened to burn down the prison in which he was held, unless he was handed over.”

“Pushed him into the street, where he was immediately hacked to pieces by the frenzied mob.”

“The prince had a strong attachment that was already proving worrisome to some.”

“Caustic fury.”

“Determined to teach him a lesson.”

“Detested gang of courtiers.”

“Banished the prince from his presence,”

“Powerless to change the situation as long as his father remained angry and alive-”

“Situation was not as dire as rumour suggested,”

“Did not suffer any want.”

“All those princes who could have had his place in the line of kings if only they had lived-”

“Unquestioning loyalty.”

“Portended danger.”

“At least one earl had to be restrained by his peers from challenging Piers inside the church itself-”

“Very evil are the times.”

“Worse times are still in stone.”

“Sexual relationships with successive, hated favourites.”

“Downfall of her enemies,”

Ghost Flight by William Katz

45 years after she disappeared, Amelia Earhart lands at LAX in this 1981 'thriller'. Amelia has returned with a warning that neo nazis and Hitler plan to seize power in West Germany. Hitler has been treated with anti-aging nazi science and he intends to negatively impact the world again.

This is a dated, dumb, boring tale of hostile activity. This was pretty forgettable. Dubious assertions are made in this extremely defective book.

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