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Flesh And Blood 1x03 + The Fix 1x10 Reviewed

Flesh And Blood 1x03

I hate Jake. Helen's husband leaves her whiny ass. The neighbour sneaks. Helen stalks a coworker she got fired. Natalie admits the 'baby' was a lie to break up a marriage. I hate her. Jake violates the law and nearly gets a child run over. Helen walks out on a marriage session with her husband for a phone call. Helen whines about her hubby. This bored.

Making A Murderer

Wolf and Maya team up in the finale to the limited series. The DA and the lobbyist plot. Star rants. Sevvy is made to be the hero. The ex wife is talked down. The timeline of this ep made no sense. The acting was bad. The DA is a jackass and throws the case out. Maya's done with Matthew. Where is Jessica's sister? The ex wife tosses Gabe out like a flytipped fridge. Sevvy fires Wolf and pleas guilty. Gabe did it.

Jessica was dumb. This comes to a damp squib ending. Did Sevvy kill Gabe's mother and friend? Yes. And he finally admits it. Gabe gets away with it. Sevvy is in jail for the one murder he didn't commit. Maya cannot savour her hollow victory. The orange bimbo lurks and is hired by Wolf. Star runs off with her sister. Sevvy and Gabe chat in the prison yard. What about Maya's mancandy? The ex wife enjoys Sevvy's stuff. Maya puts on a cornpoke dress and decides to marry the mancandy.

Best Lines:

“I need to know who that shadow was.”

“It would always happen again.”

“I can't let this stand.”

Robin Tunney and Adam Rayner in The Fix (2019)
Robin Tunney and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje in The Fix (2019)
Robin Tunney, Merrin Dungey, and Adam Rayner in The Fix (2019)

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