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Quotes & Stuff

Gluten free roll with blue cheese, black pepper and truffle oil = yum.

Salt & vinegar Hunky Dorys – okay.

I wonder if my ex ever thinks about me. He has chosen not to get back in touch.

Who read 'Malice'?

Sean Pertwee was in a 'Waking The Dead' ep!

Who saw 'Dead Presidents' or 'Ms. 45'?

'Lost In Space' cancelled.

'The Windsors' Quotes:

“I think I've gone to the toilet in my trousers.”

“Smash them up like a loaf of Mother's Pride!”

“Attack mode activated!”

“I'm a tedious crank.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Like nothing experienced in living memory.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Virus peak.”

'Inside No 9' Quotes:

“The living embodiment of that trope.”

“Keep the dark thoughts at bay.”

“Enjoy your first feed. An eternity of them await you.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Preparing and scaring.”

“Burning down the prison.”

“Social order is breaking down.”

“Not a reassuring result.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Being blamed for his aggressive outbursts.”

“Do not respond to pleas to change their behaviour.”

“Complete lack of basic knowledge.”

“Expressed despair.”

“Unfortunate incident.”

“Hostility between the parties.”

“Ongoing refusal.”

“Civil wrongs.”

“Volatile situation.”

“Ever-looming threat.”

“Maintence of normality.”

“Public concern mounts.”

“Lead people to think it is of no concern or consequence to others.”

“Defy some time-honoured cultural norms.”


“How will we as a society handle what is coming?”

“True moral leadership.”

“Sustained negative commentary.”

“Confronted with once-in-a-lifetime decisions.”

“Ravaged by wasted years.”

“Afraid of the poor.”

“Anguish and desperation.”

“So many moments in our life we compare to the film version.”

“Growing negative impact.”

“Distinguished authorship.”

“Dangerous citizens.”

“Emotional commitment.”

“Becoming more confrontational.”

“The invitations are becoming less frequent.”

“Likely to have completely rational and empathetic responses some of the time while sounding completely incoherent and irresponsible at other peak points.”

“Disciplinary problems.”

“Parental blaming.”

“Emotional toll.”


“Negativity bias."

“Truth decay.”

“Danger cues.”

“It is far from an achievable reality.”

“Perceived adverse events.”

“Rejected the respectable life.”

“Era-defining role.”

“Genuine sensation.”

“Not inspired confidence.”

“Won him no supporters.”

“Don't believe such assurances.”

“Readying themselves for existential threats.”

Delusional certainty.”

“Riots in Australia over toilet paper.”

“People are not normally given to anticapting the breakdown of civilisation.”

'Louis Theroux' Quotes:

“Didn't like my choices.”

“Go off and live in Idaho.”

“Kill their sugar daddy.”

“You better be scared punk!”

“Interfering in your business!”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Victim story.”

“Ass shorts.”

“Living off food stamps.”

“Ruins any happiness.”

“Dumped your furniture into the yard.”

“Too famous to get a job.”

“No skills.”

“I like shoving it in poor bitches faces.”

'NASA's Unexplained Files' Quote:

“Moons don't do that.”

'Cold Justice' Quote:

“That too is a lie, sir.”

'Waking The Dead' Quote:

“Karl always thought people were following him.”

'Matilda' Quotes:

“Her future life and happiness would depend entirely on a man she had not met and had not chosen, and from whom there would be no escape if things went wrong;”

“For reasons now unknown.”

“A coronation which would only be valid if performed in Rome and by the Pope.”

“Loathsome factions.”

“God was offended against him, and nothing favourbale happened to him thereafter.”

“Once he had that crown on his head, he was the king, regardless of who he had been before.”

“Could not be unmade.”

“Damning verdict.”

“Suffered nothing to go unpunished.”

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