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Glow vs The Babyface Issue 4 Reviewed

Nobody talks or acts like it is the 1980s. A child drinks Tab in a strip club. There is a strippers v wrestlers brawl. The annoying reporter annoys. Ruth is boring. The annoying moppet annoys. GLOW tries to shake off a negative image. GLOW tries to fend off the ill effects of the grifter. This was okay and teaches us that capitalism requires people to suffer so that others can be momentarily satisfied.

Best Lines:

“Let's not get all doom and gloom just because GLOW is being held hostage by a con artist demanding to be in the show's main event.”

“A lot of fights tend to just break out around you,”

“This is a career stepping stone to real sets where the other actors don't all look like angry strippers.”

“GLOW's youth mentorship program.”

“Beirut and Junkchain taught me about the value of friendship!”

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