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The Fix 1x09 + Star Trek Voyager 6x10 Reviewed


Maya's stalker lurks. So much for vigilance. Matthew's useless. The stalker legs it. Wolf's back at work with a cane. Louise Lombard and Erik Palladino and Sprague Grayden guest star. The new lawyer has quit. Wolf decides to quit gambling and Sevvy wants to look for a 'clue'. Star threw Gabe under the bus. Maya bigs up her hair.

There is no moral shame. Gabe's credibility is undermined and Wolf gets Sevvy to leave LA to look for the 'clue'. There is inevitable futility but no chilly satisfaction. Matthew's wife shows up – I thought she was his girlfriend. Matthew is given cold advice.

There is relentless brutality and no unmistakable significance. Wolf has been banned from numerous casinos. The stalker plot ends. Nobody cares. CJ leaves. Star's a prat. This was ridiculously stupid and there is a relentless barage of dumb. The ex has deliberate calculation. There is urban misery.

Wolf and Sevvy have paid no price for their deeds, they likely never will. There is a proposal which results in the mancandy leaving in a sulk. Star rants. This ep is reduced to irrelevance. Star is completely irrational and Wolf has a daughter who he doesn't talk to.

Why was Jessica at a gun range? There is a seeping realization of doom. Sevvy rants. What was Jessica planning? Are we meant to pity Sevvy? Secrets come out. Where is Jessica's sister? Who was Jessica really? Maya stares at a laptop. Wolf has a stunned realization. Who was Jessica? Did she set Sevvy up? Who was Jessica really?

Best Lines:

“You stare, you're unemployed.”

“Done a number on Gabe's credibility.”

“Defied being controlled.”

“I'm paid quite a lot to be realistic and blunt.”

“Murder kit in the basement.”

“Did you think I wouldn't catch you? Again?”

“I'm not hearing yes.”

“This whole family is toxic!”

“You actually might be innocent.”


Dwight Schultz and Richard Herd and Marina Sirtis guest star in this awful ep. There is a bad wig and talk of the MIDAS array and Admiral Paris. This was full of very wrong terrible decisions. There is droning, bad acting and technobabble. There is no frantic necessity just shouting. Contact is made with Starfleet HQ, again.

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