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Trailer fun

Sugababes ‘About A Girl’ song

Britney Spears ‘3’ song
This is bad. And I like ‘Shattered Glass’.

Trick R Treat’ trailer
This looks great, it has creepy jack o’lanterns and an ominous voiceover: “All sorts of things roam free.”

Saw IV’ ending
So let me get this straight. Hoffman who was in ‘Saw III’ for like 35 seconds is Jigsaw’s newest apprentice? Why is Riggs just letting the smug git played by the guy who was in 'Picket Fences' walk away?

Saw V’ ending
Why does no one ever listen to Jigsaw’s messages? Waste of perfectly good tape recorders. Why doesn’t Luke from ‘Gilmore Girls’ just shoot Hoffman? Don’t throw Hoffman in the glass box moron! Why isn’t Hoffman in pain from being tossed onto broken glass? Poor Luke from ‘Gilmore Girls’, what a way to go. You were warned: “Pain will be incurred.”
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