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Undiscovered Country Issue 4 Reviewed

Daniel betrayed people. There is incoherence and a reporter. The boring cruel and brutal world is absolute hell. Daniel is awful. We see a space shuttle and zepplins. Daniel's whole plan makes no sense in light of the revelation at the end of issue 3.

This is not always that profound. This causes growing frustration. There is no audience engagement and this was awful hellish absurdity. This was absolutely terrible. Issues 2&3 raised a lot of fascinating questions that have not been fully addressed. There is dominace and male entitlement. This is losing credibility.

Best Lines:

“In the Crawling Place of the Destiny Man.”

“Oral history of The Sealing.”

“Crying Sky soon enough just like the rest of the world.”

“I had a hundred better journalists in my phone's contacts –not that most of them would return my calls.”

“None of us should be here. Not one of us.”

“They couldn't have chosen worse people if they tried.”

“We are terrible choices for that.”

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