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Star Trek Voyager 6x08&6x07 Reviewed

One Small Step

Phil Morris of 'Smallville' and the 80s 'Mission Impossible') plays the ill fated pilot of the Ares IV Mars Mission of 2032. His ship ended up in the Delta Quadrant. Did this ep inspire 'The Martian'? There are dated VFX. Watching this left one wondering what the hell these people were doing with their lives. This was an unappealing extreme disappointment. The doctor and Janeway continue their remorseless campaign to annoy. This was cheap looking and profoundly offesively stupid.

Dragon's Teeth

This guest stars Robert Knepper of 'Prison Break'!!! Rubber faced aliens show up. The crew find a planet that 892 years ago was orbitally bombarded to rubble. This was cheap looking and full of dated VFX. The crew land the ship in the radioactive city rubble because reasons. This set up potential plot arcs that were never followed up on. The race on the planet caused lasting adverse opinion. The Borg were around 892 years ago. Janeway has no hazard perception.

Janeway is not hyper aware of potential threats. The new race are an evil threat and want to make a reassertion of their power. 7 of 9 woke the race not knowing or anticipating the consequences. The race were notorious for their evil actions even among Neelix's race. How is a satellite still working after nearly 900 years?

The race have a bleak intimidating aspect and create havoc and Janeway never reckons with the consequences. This was okay if not riveting. The race have viciousness and Janeway is disappointingly platitudinous. No one finds the new race deeply concering, at first. There is talk of inherited hatreds and perpetual discord.

Naomi dosen't like the new race. To think that TPTB thought that Neelix would be the breakout character. The new race were remorselessly brutal. There is bad make up and the race are thankless. People babble about subspace corridors. The new race look like Cardassians – nobody comments on that. They're hostile and oppressive. Janeway always has a need for drama.

The new race's planet being wiped out isn't an incredibly traumatic experience. This ends in a moronic inferno. Janeway has learnt incompetence. Mimi Craven and Ron Fassler costar.

Best Lines:

“I doubt it's inhabited anymore.”

“They could be hostile.”

“Most humanoid cultures are.”

“Made our final stand there.”

“Plasma bombs are something else.”


“Deadly stranger.”

“Focus on the assault fighters.”

“That was his battle cry.”

“The demon with the golden voice.”

“Plans for conquest are irrelevant.”

“Nothing to negiotate with.”

“Take back what was ours.”

“Our former colonies are destroyed or were occupied by species that are far more advanced than we are!”

“Then we'll find a way to take them back.”

“We have gone from a population of 6 billion to 600!”

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