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Blood 2x03 + Flesh And Blood 1x02 Reviewed

Blood 2x03

There is rain, slo-mo and a dream sequence. This is cliche. I am not satisfied with this. People harbour resentment and ignore social commitments. There is resentment and bitterness. Fiona's husband was frustrated and pessimistic.

This was enimently unmemorable. There is grievance and an unprovoked level of aggression. This tries for rigid tension and an air of menace. This was entirely unnecessary. Series 1 was strangely compelling and Jim seems unrepentant. A chav is a lurking presence.

Adrian Dunbar growls. People ignore how he used physical force and threatened serious bodily harm, while faking unimpeachable propriety. This was not even marginally relevant. A chav uses his unhinged outdoors voice and professional violence. This has chronic inaction. There is no incipent meance. This was inadequate. There is negative behaviour.

People are negatively impacted. Fiona's useless husband cried and had a feeling of hopelessness. Jim has to explain being struck off during a job interview. There are Jeremy Kyle style confrontations.

There are managed confrontations, bad acting and this was appalling. If this all sounds like a mess, that's because it is. Everyone overlooks Jim's emotional abuse and gasligthing of the absent Cat who was left isolated from her family who did not believe or back up her allegations. Fiona and Cat's brother is absent. Fiona and Jim do dismissive chuckles about Jim murdering his wife and isolating Cat.

This was awful and unsuccessful. Golf is played. The farm wife's son knows. Urgent support is needed. People worry unnecessarily and are falsely reassured. There is a cessation of interest and moral grounds are ignored. This was woeful. The chav has steely determination and defiance. The farm hubby fired Fiona's thick useless saddo husband. People are wilful but not socially curious. Jim was an uninvolved authoritative dad.

There are shattering impacts and incredibly distressing things happen. Where's Fiona's legal representation? This was frankly hideous and incredibly stupid. There is flagrant disregard for logic. Fiona's husband was ruthlessly pursued and unimpressve. There was aggressive discouragement. The poor man's Colin Farrell yells and has a slap fight with Jim. There is a 'twist' and urgent questions now present themselves. Did Jim frame Fiona? He's a malicious dick who causes negative outcomes.

Best Lines:

“Get that sour look off your face!”

“Some drama he might have caused.”

“You haven't been happy in years.”


“I don't think he'd dare.”

“Changing aorund the farm.”

“Says a lot.”

Flesh And Blood 1x02

The mother decides to sell her house. Jake runs his mouth. The mother plans to go to India for her bday – her useless sod kids whine. Jake is made to sign a contract as he whores himself. Helen spies on someone she got fired. Natalie tries to ruin a family. The neighbour sneaks. Jake berates Mark. Natalie is confronted by the wife she wrongs. Natalie is a drama queen. Mark's daughter isn't seen. Someone stole Mark's viagra. Jake nearly made his family homeless and yet berates his wife. He's a whore. Helen is the worst. Mark marries the mother. Helen is a terrible person. The mother's brats whine. Someone sets fire to Mark's car. This was iffy.

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