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Book Review: The Temple House Vanishing

The Temple House Vanishing by Rachel Donohue

This overwritten melodrama really wants to be the Irish 'The Secret History' – it isn't. In 1990 a liberal art teacher and his student vanished from a third rate convent school. 25 years later, a reporter looks into the old scandal. This was unimpressive.

Scholarship student Louisa lives a live of isolation and loneliness. She is befriended by Victoria, which has serious repercussions. This was extremely disappointing. Victoria's ongoing theatrics create noxious dynamics. Nuance and rationale are sacrificed. A mean girl, Helen, bullies. There will be a pitiless reckoning. This was a dull tale of people emoting furiously and distractingly. There are profound ramifications. This is not crowded with incident.

People are profoundly foolish and the ruin this brings to them is not an almighty reckoning. This is not triumphant creativity or utterly fascinating. This drifts inexorably to a desolate end. There is an inevitability about what happened. This does not brilliantly engage and is not distinctive. There is a karma houdini. How did nobody notice?

Best Lines:

“It's going to be ghastly. I'm warning you.”

“Everyone I knew had carpet in their good room. If they had a good room.”

“Looked sour as usual.”

“Fully paid up memeber of the morality police.”

“Had a way of hurting me.”

“The kind of people that this type of love happened to.”

“Might not forget me.”

“Laughed and laughed when all around them cried.”

“Was this not what you expected? Was this not what you were raised for?”

“Unspoken boundary.”

“Not to be tempted to think that love will save you.”

“The school, however, did not seem to have been a place where this kind of thing would have been allowed.”

“Heard her own voice above all others.”

“A radio show, the one where people ring in and complain.”

“The rules not rigid and permanent as everyone had thought but ephemeral. A world that had drifited from us.”

“That prove people are fundamentally bad and without control? That they want to do dark things to you in the shadows? And, somehow you are in the end responsible.”

“This isn't even that good a school.”

“Living-in-the-1950s hole this is.”

“Caught on the driveway at midnight. It was almost amusing.”

“Another future, another place for us.”

“I could not be loved.”

“Demanded a different fate?”

“The one who was never seen.”

“Pretending they are special when it's all a game, not real?”

“Why are you even here?”

“Think well of me.”

“Why didn't he want me?”

“He would never answer her call.”

“Unwanted responsibility.”

“Cry with rage.”

“That things that shouldn't happen sometimes did.”

“Death of the person you were before.”

“Looking to be noticed.”

“Offer them abscence or presence.”

“Knew nothing of what became of them.”

“He never really existed. Not as she wanted him to, anyway.”

“Forgotten in the empty house.”

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