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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Motherland Fort Salem' trailer

There are witches and this looks interesting.

'Get Even' trailer

This BBC drama is based on the Gretchen McNeil books. They look good.

'The Strangers' (1964) was bizarre.

My ex's grandiose promises did not lead to commitments.

I have a bookcase that was reclaimed from a skip.

I'll review 'Daughters Of Chivalry'.

I won't bother with 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer issue 13', 'Superman Villains', 'Mercy Issue 1', 'Unearth issue 6' and 'Batman/Superman issue 7'.

'The Magicians' cancelled, so? I won't bother with season 5.

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“Unwelcome guest in their home.”

“Sent away.”

“Dispute in the kitchen.”

'Great British Railway Journeys' Quotes:

“For a tv presenter, you're not bad.”

“The back fields are the border.”

'Nationwide' Quote:

“After contacting dysentry on an exotic holiday in Cairo.”

'A Lie To Die For' Quote:

“Declined to recommend mercy.”

'The Stone Dogs' Quotes:

“Threat display.”

“Makes possible the only way of life I know, the only world I feel at home in, the only contentment I can ever have.”

“I can be reasonable sure in a thousand years, what I value will still exist.”

“Nothing living remained.”

“Can't test humans to destruction the way we can.”

“Don't want it becomin' a global pandemic, do we?”

“A comfortin' lie that was absolete when I was yo' age, girl.”


“Learn to look his fate in the eye.”

“Take the world like they dreams.”

“Pathetic gesture of meance.”

“Intent to hurt.”

“Like a ripe fig stuffed with botulisim.”

“That was without any shadow of doubt,the most stupid, arrogant, purely moronic thing you've done.”

“Define ourselves solely in opposition to the enemy.”

“Ageless hunger.”

“Bleak satisfaction.”

“Their own military were expected to fight to the death.”

“Fanatical unwillingness.”

“Absolutely immoral.”

“One is going to utterly destroy the other and incoperate everything else. It's one of the truths everybody knows and nobody says.”

“We're the Good Guys, and therefore have to win in the end.”

“Unhesitating sorrow,”

“There'd be nothing human on this earth in a hundred years. Things that walked on two legs and talked, but nothin' we'd recognize.”


“Every generation since had produced a leader, in war or politics or the arts.”


“T'make the best of what fate gave him.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Her annoyance with systems in Ireland.”

“Enforced absence.”

“Tendency to be dramatic.”

“Mad information.”

“Nature of the tone of his public utterances.”

“No valid reason.”

“Predatory activities.”

“Without the remotest suggestion that there was anything worrying in his character.”

“Malevolent proclivities.”

“Not been followed up by the response he expected.”

“Bohemian continental life.”

“None of the things I would have expected to happen have happened.”

“Aerating the president's lawn with her five-inch spindle heels,”

“A rogue virus is raging about the place.”

“Finds adjustments difficult.”

“Doesn't like noise.”

“Refuse this request.”

“Moving to another location that might suit their lives.”

“Much feared.”

“Wilful denial.”

“Heed him well.”

“Want to wear masks but were told it would frighten the passengers.”

“Knock manners into children.”

“Glibly dismissed.”

“Indifferent to their needs.”

“What war smells like. It smells like fear and burning.”

“Rapidly worsening.”


“Heroic protection.”

“Not gone without response.”

“Horrible situation.”

“Rife with speculation.”

“Designations of indisputable and immediate value.”

“Silently exist.”

“Never represented in a celebratory way.”

“Our chances of being accepted and approved of by others.”

“Not seen on this scale in living memory.”

“Lost their attachment to society and decision-making.”

“Living skills.”

'The Windsors' Quote:

“Everytime I see a chemical toilet, I'll think of you.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Peace bell.”

“Rational fear.”

“Tense and difficult situation in the home.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Some very grim realities.”

“Infectious disease care.”

'Apollo 11' Quotes:

“Run out of window.”

“Thermal balance.”

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