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The Marked Issue 4 Reviewed

The brat brats. The realms of possibility expand. People face severe adversity and spiteful fury. This is not frantic entertainment nor is it eerily convincing in the conveyance of raw fear and despair and cosmic nihilism.

There is no unsettling weirdness or deepening crisis. This utterly fails, it's not enormously gratifying just insubstantial. What's a shadowgate? Why does the brat Liza have headphones on in the nazi occult technology device?

A woman's clevage falls out of her top. Why is this woman wearing an ill fitting bra OVER her top? Who are chosen? Why are so many women wearing goth lipstick? The seems like a rip off of Cassandra Clare. I don't care what fate has befallen various characters. This has no wit or charm. This causes a paucity of interest. This has no emotional resonce or chortlesome comeuppances.

Best Lines:

“I've been seeing unmarked trucks heading up there for over a month now. I'm guessing it's CIA shenanigans.”

“Are those body bags?”

“Casualties from the tests.”

“Surplus to our needs.”

“If I'm wrong then may god forgive me.”

“Stop! You are not authorized to leave!”

“Sorry, soliders. But you picked the wrong side!”

“Activate your phoenix glyph.”

“I can see that Lovecraft is lurking outside the door.”

“She sounds crazy.”

“They haven't been seen on this plane of existence since the last great conflict.”

“I haven't used my combat glyphs since...I can't even remember...”

“Don't worry about the doors......you won't be needing them again.”

“Get your super-punch ready.”

“I silenced their minds.”

“We protect the world from evil......we destroy it......without mercy!”

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