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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Hunt' trailer


'Noughts + Crosses' promo


'Profit' trailer

The trailers for this 1996 show were great and inventive and made me eager to see it. Tv trailers arne't as good as this nowaday.

Homemade gluten free cheese bread – yum.

Rose secco – nice.

Asian beef salad – yum.

I won't read 'The Wayward Girls', 'The Nanny', 'The Beekeeper', 'The Dead Ring' or 'The Library Of The Unwritten'.

I will review 'Ghostflight', 'Lost Girls', 'Paradise Hills', 'It', 'Bloodride', 'Bella At The Bar', 'The Breach', 'A Question Of Holmes', 'The Highter Frontier', 'Docile', 'Moonbreaker' and 'The Stone Dogs'.

'Hawaii Five-0' is finally ending.

Who saw 'Sarafina!'?

I'm done with 'Cheer'.

What is milk sauce?

I miss the Denny's breakfast experience.

I miss V and recall how he declined with terrifying speed.

I'd try maple butter and Himalayan salt butter.

Recall 'The Late Late Breakfast Show'?

'The Disappearance Of Crystal Rogers' was sad.

Who read 'Servant Of The Empire', 'Mistress Of The Empire' or 'Daughter Of The Empire'?

Thanks to my ex I feel confused, erased and ignored. He refuses to engage. My ex was so generous with his money and affections and ready to commit to a lifetime with me. He would shower me with gifts and then one day, he ghosted me. He could easily have made my reacquaintance but won't.

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Distraction issues.”

“Non-educational sites.”

“Treated on the floor.”

'The Andrew Marr Show' Quote:

“Can't govern by purge.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Least compromising.”

“Correction territory.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Forced me to rethink my fascination with it.”

“Record levels of discontent.”

“Oppositional feelings and opinions.”

“Dull pull of desiring something.”


“Moral pronouncements.”

“Needs to cease.”

“Read avidly.”

“Published to widespread indifference.”

“Took to the attic like a latter-day Mrs Rochester.”

“Idealised image.”

“Unhelpful psychological reactions.”

“Desires he had never felt before.”

“Rotted moralities and a nation that measures itself by the cruelties it can inflict.”

“Tried to “beat the head off her” with a teapot.”

“Get the king new wives and dispose of the old.”

“Social fracture.”

“Allegedly mad superstars:”

“Developing a disturbing reputation.”

“Cheap suits and loud tv ads.”

“Deep-desert Gotterdammerung.”

“Bloody reckoning.”

“Is, and not for the first time, wondeirng what kind of man she's got herself involved with.”

'The Sunday Time's Quotes:

“Refusal to be docile or conciliatory.”

“Never dreampt of apologising.”

“Long-awaited narrative.”

“Cliff lashed by waves, over which Heloise's sister recently propelled herself rather than be similarly married off.”

“Endlessly assaulted masculine pride.”

“Distract and placate.”

“Social movement.”

“Slow-release dread.”

“Hook-rich thriller.”

“Oozed subdued malevolence.”

“Virulent accuser.”

“Feared and despised.”

“Meance behind his genial facade.”

“Incendiary allegation.”

“Ruinous information.”

“Eternally loyal.”

“Histronically shifty.”

“So awkward and nervous that his PR person had to blow-dry his armpits.”

“His authority is absolute.”

“Hurling abuse – and DVDs – at her mother.”

“Ideological hatred.”

“In the previous two centuries Spain had seen more than 25 coups.”

“Never learnt the virtues of compromise.”

“Miserable civilisation.”

“He fell from office only after getting involved in a scheme to install crooked roulette wheels in Spain's casinos, which seems an insane thing for a prime minister to do.”

“His shadow remains.”

“So greedy that provincial jewellers locked their doors when they heard she was visiting the city,”

“Seriously believed any international criticism was inspired by the Freemasons.”

“Ever-expanding wall of doom.”

“The stars go out, one by one, leavng the universe populated by charred cinders;”

“Infinite space is left dark and empty.”

“Historically important.”

“Didn't feel like a particularly momentous decision at the time.”

“The moment when those impulsive, ill-informed decisions you made in your early twenties really come home to roost. When what began as a minor income gap among friends has, in some cases, becoming a yawning wealth chasm.”

“Fomenting a quiet resentment.”

“The ways society had told her hate herself.”

“A desire to be listened to.”

“Everything changed.”

“That cold, hard look, full of what I can only decribe as hate, would fix on me in the coming weeks, months and years.”

“I had made him very angry and I did not know why, I never did.”

“I'd learnt it was wise to be “nice” all the time.”

“We decided, although I don't remember being part of the decision-making.”

“My life now revolved around the house.”

“Turn down all invitations until they stopped coming.”

“Controlling every aspect of my life,

“Viewed as the difficult one in our marriage.”

“An irresponsible mother who hadn't the “insight” to escape with them years ago.”

“Mother blaming.”

“As it is everything, this was my fault.”

“Life, as it had been before, came to a juddering halt and was never the same again.”

“No words to make them understand.”

“People are kinder than I had assumed.”

'Simon Reeves' Russia' Quote:

10 volume sequel to the bible.”

'Snapped' Quotes:

“It was a bad place.”

“Temptations of the street.”

“Feared in school.”

'The Disappearance Of Crystal Rogers' Quotes:

“Extract reaction.”

“A lot of discontent.”

“Today he walks free.”

“Shroud of darkness.”

“Some of that fear is probably very well justified.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“The previous Clinton.”

“Behaving in a fairly rational manner.”

'Ancient Aliens' Quote:

“Thought provoking aspects.”

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