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Hellmouth Issue 5 Reviewed

Where is the Master? Buffy fights Hellmom who looks like an elf. There are incoherent fight scenes and Buffy wears fishnets and nobody cares about Angel. Various people ride in to help and do poses. Who are they? Will Faith show up? Where is Xander? Giles is poison. Where's Robin? Giles has a cry. Willow leaves. Buffy wallows in self pity.

I feel so much scorn for this final issue. Anya is a WATCHER?!? There is a multiverse, each with their own hellmouth. Is the slayer before Buffy alive? We see what may be an alternate universe Sunnydale where Buffy works in a bar and Willow is the slayer.

There is no eternal potential, Buffy is a ghastly character. The teens are psychopathically blithe about their terrible reality. I feel utter contempt for this. It's a 'grave situation'. There are 'worrying implications'. I didn't care for this. There is a banal inevitability of the awfulness of this.

This provokes incomprehension. There are altercations and this lacks the creative ambitions of the Dark Horse years. This was puerile and fails desperately.

Best Lines:

“The thing that darkness fears.”

“Vessel To Walk Above.”

“Massacred cities,”

“You stole my destiny!”

“...Where does it go?”

“On. And past that...no one knows.”

“Trying to claw your way through human bodies.”

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