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Stargate Universe Ep 4 Review


Rush yells. Destiny’s power reserves are critically low. Nobody’s dirty despite three days with no washing or changes of clothes. Chloe whines. People in dark rooms yell at each other. Eli dropped out of MIT for some reason. Young and Telford body swap again. Young visits his wife, who is a shrew. Telford wants to replace Young as leader, though how that’ll work nobody explains.

Destiny travels through the atmosphere of a gas giant and then flies merrily toward a sun. This was dull. The constant chatter with Earth is too much and Young once again pops back into his own body to wonder what was going on with it when he was away: “What the hell was Telford just ordering you to do?” Young is the best character and Rush just needs to go away.

Best Lines:
Let’s have a better day than yesterday.”

“He’s gone crazy.”
“We already knew that.”

“I’d like to speak with Dr Rush immedielty.”
“Oh well, he’s had a nervous breakdown Sir.”
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