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Flesh And Blood (2020) 1x01 & Blood 2x02 Reviewed

Flesh And Blood (2020) 1x01

This latest ITV drama is very good. Somebody is dying, but who and why? The resulting drama unfolds in flashback. Stephen Rea and Russell Tovey star. A widow upsets her brats when she hooks up with a new man named Mark (Rea).

The children are: Helen a hatchet faced high flyer with a useless druggie house-husband. Jake is a personal trainer/gambling addict and low rent whore. Then there is Natalie who came to nothing and does nothing except bang a married man.

The trio ignore their mother and are an incessant disruption. She shows off her new man. The grown up children want to show her the consequences that should and would have in the world. The kids not so cordially detest him. They're not irreproachable. Jakes makes doom laden prophecies about Mark.

Are the children blind to his Mark's virtues? Or does somehting lurk under Mark's not so plesant surface? The children are appalled to learn their dead dad had an affair. This was not innovative but it was interesting. The affectless Jake is full of idiocies and insinuating vacuity. Mark has a daughter who we don't meet and goes through the mother's drawers. There is recklessness and greed. Mark faces antagonism and spiteful complaining.

Jake has an ex; she threw him out of their house for running up a massive debt. Jake is utterly useless. Everyone lives secret lives. Jake has many unappealing aspects and is displeasant. Is Mark an actively malign interloper with an air of menace? Mark's deeply embedded in the mother's life and provokes consternation. Jake has abject desperation for money.

Jake has ineptitude, anipathy and grievances. Is Mark a calculated masquerade? Jake's a nuisance, full of non stop negativity and is urgent in his desperation. Helen faces condemnation at work and at home. Jake has no creeping shame and has an inability to be good for anything. The choices in Jake's private life are misguided. There is simmering conflict and is Mark predatorial?

There is no mention of Brexit as Mark flies the mother to France. Jake's creepy and unlovable. The mother decides to make a decisive break from the past. Jake vigorously protests and is absolutely horrible. The mother and dead father got married due to her being pregnant with Helen. Catastrophe will unfold. Jake has pathological selfishness.

Helen's husband flirts with Natalie. Is Mark false? Jake forcefully denounces Mark. Jake thinks he's morally entitled to annoy. A neighbour pries. The slutty Natalie is trying to make a man leave his wife. I fail to see merit in her. Jake is appalling and should be dismissed with contempt. Natalie flaunts herself in front of her married lover's wife and children. The wife is on to her whorish ways.

Natalie has fancy notions. Are there sinister implications about Mark? Jake is especially odious. The neighbour stole a gift meant for the mother. Who did the mother's dead husband have a years long affair with? Was it the neighbour? Helen's husband is resentful.

The mother ends up in the hospital. How? Natalie is a slut doing a usurpation of another woman's man. Mark gives the mother pills. The children have no duty or loyalty. Jake rants and is tumultuous. There are moral failings and inflammatory statements. Jake bleats insistently. Jake's a massive gambling addict. Jake sells himself and whores himself.

Natalie does a baby trick to get her lover to leave his wife. What a cheap mistress trick. There are no clear minded judgements. The neighbour spies, This was better than 'Cheat' or 'Deep Water'. Do the neighbour and Mark know each other? Imelda Staunton and Francesca Annis co-star.

Best Lines:

“Thanks for the cheese-straws.”

“My pleasure. Literally.”

“Pushed out of my job!”

“Brutal dismissals!”

“You're always angry.”

“You can never win. Never.”

“In our house?”

“It was only 10 grand!”

“It was an accident.”

“Maybe. Maybe not.”

Blood 2x02

One is much less enthusiastic about this. People stare at the wife killer with fascination and revulsion. Fiona's husband is dead. There is ignorance. Fiona's an idiot. Jim the wife killer expresses exasperation. Things won't end well. Who killed the husband?

There are various potato faced men. This was deplorable. Men have ferocity. The family's woes are not over. There are unreasonable demands. Blame is apportioned. Jim has no unequivocal support this time. People no longer believe Jim is as important as he might hope. There are bitter suggestions and people are only partially sincere.

Nobody ever taught Jim correct principles. Jim never said sorry for the way he problematised and emotionally abused and isolated Cat. The clan are trapped by their loyalties to one another. Jim did intended and unintended harm and lost his impecable rep. The family had and have quiet passive disregard for Cat.

Jim isn't penitential. He acted and acts with aggression and is without care. There are adverse consequences and signs of enmity. Jim is the author of his own misfortune. TPTB do an unsuble hint of goings on between Fiona and the farm wife. There are issues of credibility and trust.

There is a lack of accountability. There is consequent risk. There are hucksters and destrucctive effects and psychological distress. There are accusations and ethical and legal implications. This was absolute lunacy and it was useless and inadequate.

Best Lines:

“Pushed out of my life.”

“Busy being the son of god.”

“They are dealing drugs on the farm!”

“People like this.”

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