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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Invisible Man' tv spot


'Lionness' ad

This beer ad uses the Tilbury speech of Elizabeth I (which she didn't make and never happened).

'Candyman' (2020) teaser


My ex withdrew his love, his abandonment is complete. I thought at one point that my ex have been, are and would remain mine. I didn't quesiton his commitment to me. My ex spurned me.

'The Windsors' Quotes:

“Right you slag!”

“My life can feel a little bit pointless.”

“Validating slogan.”

“Pinching my very expensive Chanel face powder. But she explained that a fox must have climbed through the window and eaten it.”

“It's like the miners strike in 'Billy Elliot'!”

“How else would a twat like you have a 5 storey mansion on the Mall?”

“My vodka's in there!”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“To suggest that the status quo is acceptable is quite simply insulting.”


“A doctor has the power to detain a probable case of infection where a person refuses to comply with infection prevention and control protocols.”

“This isn't an unusual scenario.”

“Her faced turned cold.”

“Cold, lonely and isolating place.”

“Silly enough to think I'd get some sympathy there,”


“Claimed and still claim,”

“Destroying the post second World War international monetary system,”

“Vehemently denies.”

“Dismissive of the suggestion.”

“No women were sighted.”

“Behaviours of concern.”

“Chemical restraint”

“Restrictive measure.”

“Continuing problems.”

“Fast response certification.”

“Deliberate deception.”

“Contentious topic.”

“Lack of indication.”

“The last confirmed acute rubella case in Ireland was in 2009.”

“Highly aggressive stance.”

'Ireland: Am' Quotes:

“Sustained community transmission.”

“Good health outcomes.”

“Organ support.”

'Today' Quotes:

“Sell your wretched chickens to us.”

“Good chaps.”

“Isn't burdened by any sense of scruple.”

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