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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Burning' promo

The 'classic' 80s slasher.

'Doctor Who' 38x09 promo


Who saw 'Ned Kelly'?

I'll review 'The Temple House Vanishing'.

I won't read 'Firefly: Big Damn Hero', 'Go Go Power Rangers Vol 6', 'Guest List' or 'Grown Ups'.

'Bumps' was not funny.

I missed `Buffy The Vampire Slayer' issue 12 and 'Black Widow Prelude' issue 2 and 'Red Mother' issue 3.

I want a woven leather bag and a Rosa jewelled clip.

I want to try a mimeric olive.

My ex has demonstrated absolutely no desire to to say sorry. My ex once had decent attractive qualities, he does not embody them anymore. My ex had a lack of commitment. I feel bewilderment at how my ex so easily and tragically overlooks me. Is he oblivious to the emotional damage he caused? His silence is impenetrable. He wrought havoc and did a lot of harm.

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Cutting down diseased trees on the hillside.”

“Not enough care.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“The only narrative most of these kids have been exposed to.”

“Attack platform.”

“Pretend to be impressed.”

“On my warm cozy grave.”

“Exactly the same.”

“The fog was the ghost of the sea.”

“Now with cucumber infused baptismal font.”

“Unpaid passion.”

“Unteaches you.”

“Sweaty passion and grunting.”

“Never make you feel or comprehend.”

“I'm quirky rather than objectionable.”

“That's not how trees work.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“I answer with what I think are the right sounds at the required intervals.”

“Generational angst.”

“Advocated such action.”

“Nowhere outside the Godfather movies was the word 'family' intoned with such gravitas and deliberation.”

“Ominious silence.”

“Contention was the order of the day.”

“Generational grumble.”

“A rather lonely man, who had difficulty, to put it mildly, with face-to-face contact with other people,”

“Insistent note.”

“Stoke divison.”

“Now notorious.”

“Convinced that he is being persecuted.”

“Darker sense of grievance.”

“Too scared to stop him and won't.”

“Committed ideologically.”

“The only EU leader at the table not to recognise the name of the state she is representing?”

“Don't go playing around in there.”

“Avoidance is the best policy.”

“Number of males acting aggressively.”

“One still exerts control over the other,”

“Combative tone.”

“Those who are despised and discarded.”

“Dressed to intimidate.”

“Obsessive devotion.”

“Ratty chants.”

“Some now forgotten reason.”

“Regular rise and fall of reputations.”

“A lot of tension.”

“Sole remaining descendant.”

“Excercising the responsibilities of that inheritance.”

“Deep-rooted suspicion.”

“If someone was mentioned in a vaguely approbatory way in one call, it was quite certain that in the next this person would be reviled,”

“Without attribution.”

“People respond to incentives.”

“Terrified about money, under-employed and over-whelmed.”

“So boring nobody ever bother to write articles about us.”

“Low-grade, boring misery.”

“Benign neglect.”

“Making our decisions for us.”

“Told us we didn't matter,”

“Attack grimace.”

“Sees criticisim as any kind of kind of personal attack.”

“Lack any sense of responsbility for his action.”

“Abusive, unrepentant, unempathetic, unchanging.”

“Apologies are meaningless without changed behaviour.”

“He is knowingly causing you pain and distress, and he does not care.”

“He is choosing not to change.”

“Buried capacity for change,”


“As you get older, your social circle gets smaller,”

“Incentivises extreme opinion.”

“Morally indignant.”


“Very despairing.”

“Civilisational collapse.”

“Lazy, stupid, violent, alcholic and devious.”

“A genuine fear of countries that deviate from the accepted norms of right-wing centrism.”

“Lost all fear of humans-”

“Make overtures to them only to be pounced upon.”

“Stripped me of my independence.”

“Shouted warnings.”

“Bacterial diversity.”

“Screams and atmosphere of sadness.”

"Make contact with a crew that was no longer there.”

“First human activity in many months.”

“Stopping distance.”

“Condemned opinions or actions-”

“Being written about a lot in a negative way.”

“What is your expectation?”

“Do you think you are going to be heard? What is it that you want to happen?”

“Clutching his notes and waving them about furiously.”

“The goal of any speech is to prove that your opponents' arguments – on any topic – will ultimately lead to human extinction.”

“Bio-indicator species.”

“Coastal elite that despised the rural interior.”

“Obvious in their public intent.”

“Initally oblivious to their true consequences.”

“Pub phones where you had to press Button A.”

“We tended not to reference it in polite company.”

“Comprehension of geopolitics is limited.”

“Marooned in her town, ostensibly by choice.”

“Just reading the tone of this quesiton annoyed me,”

“So angered by it that they would most certainly not be reading any subsequent article.”

“Seem, in fact, happier to turn their backs on them.”

“Society valorises redemption narratives, and deifies those who stand by abusive people through their transformation, applauding their self-sacrifice, endurance, forgiveness.”

“Weaponise forgiveness into a test of moral character, truly selfless, supportive people would have boundless faith in their partner's capacity for change, forgive anything, would stand by their partner no matter what, so that their partner can eventually become a better version of themselves.”

'The Great House Revival' Quotes:

“Eat money.”

“4 dodgy walls.”

“Weather tight.”

“6 over 6 windows.”

'All Walks Of Life' Quotes:

“Sense of origin.”

“More than what I was.”

“Distracting discourse.”

“Extolling the virtues.”

“Walked through this land.”

“Get many things very wrong.”

“Deliberately unhurried pace.”

“Distinct virtue.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“They have access to houses they wouldn't normally have any right to enter.”

“Unworthy of dramatic interest.”

“Variously viewed as a cultural icon, a folk hero and a murderous villain,”

“Cheesegrater of a voice.”

“The tiniest mask will render anyone unrecognisable.”

“Tartingslaps...hugger-tuggers...tufting mufflers.”

“Codling snake?”

“We know everything about Shakespear except what he was really like,”

“A notorious insult levelled at his undeserved success.”

“Unburdened by opposing viewpoints.”

“Ignoring landmarks, even wandering past rescuers.”

“Cat-infested flat.”

“Sense of possibility.”

“Believes that anyone who doesn't like cats has a personality defect.”

“Class hostility.”

“Validity as food.”

“Perversion files.”

“Don't feel there's any need to help out more at home--”

“Deeply conservative ideas about how families should work.”

“Met with rage from certain sectors of the press.”

“May or may not be your ally.”

“Worthy of emulation.”

“Under siege from circumstances.”

'Manson: The Final Words' Quotes:

“Lived outside of society.”

“Weird religious ritual.”

“The town bought guns.”

“Desire to be discarded from society.”

“Don't trust me as far as he can spit.”

“Total and complete domination.”

“Conspiracy narrative.”

“Truth tellers.”

“Unwilling to reform.”

“Commune of lost souls.”

“We didn't have stabbing practice...hang Charlie from a cross and poke him with sticks.”

“Straight Satans.”

“Vending machine dope dealer.”

“Hippy he didn't know.”

“Bummed out on the deal.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Very popular everywhere.”

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