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Tales From The Dark Multiverse: Teen Titans The Judas Contract Reviewed

Terra is ferociously bitter and this ends with brutal finality. The Teen Titans (Dick is still Robin) fight evil, unaware that their 'friend' Terra is a mole and traitor.

Dick offers empathy to Terra who talks in silly slang. Dick was made a vigilante when he was 8? Why did Bruce never get charged with child endangerment? Terra is a spy for Deathstoke. Terra rebels against her mentor, Slade who wears the dumbest costume. Terra doesn't care about her 'friends'. Terra renames herself Gaia and goes on a murderous ramapge. Gaia blows up Titan Tower and gets rid of Donna Troy, Cyborg and Starfire in gruesome ways. Raven seems to have died off screen.

Terra also kills Kid Flash and Dick, poor Dick – so much for empathy. Superman tries to stop her. Gaia has fierce determination, intent and agency to be evil. Where did Gaia get kryptonite? Wonder Woman, Batman and Green Lantern are seen. Does Batman know Dick's dead? Gar dies and Gaia doesn't care.

Gaia calls herself a god and shrugs off taking down her friends so brutally. Superman conveys his disapproval but dies anyway. Gaia rules over the shattered Earth in an atmosphere of intimidation.

Best Lines:

“Worlds where hope is still possible.”

“With your spandex clown costumes and lame jokes.”

“Squabblin' with petty losers.”

“You can help me, once you've stopped screamin'.”

“Y'know, super and Deathstroke-y.”

“Yer “dearest friend” is now just soggy chunks,”

“He couldn't even kill a bunch of kids.”

“It was evil I sensed in her...”

“You—you wouldn't!”

“It's harder to find you in the crowd now you've toned down the wardrope.”

“I care what they fear.”

“I've never felt anything.”

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