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Good Omens 1x06 Reviewed

The Very Last Day Of The Rest Of Their Lives

Crowley gurns and Aziraphale minces. Benedict Cumberbatch makes a one scene cameo as Satan. Neil Gaiman wrote this. The demon and angel plan to kill Adam. The Horsemen are inept and are defeated way too easily. The demons look like 'Dramarama' rejects. This was not at all competent. Adam is no longer the antichrist. There is obvious green screen. This keeps on going and going. This has obvious pointlessness. Adam still has powers? This was not even competent. This is what not to be.

Best Lines:

“Bring in the traitor.”

“Your place of trial.”

“Your very existence demands the ending of the world.”

“Former hellhound.”

“We fought in the Glorious Revolution.”

“And we lost.”

“Computers stop planning World War III.”

“I am Creation's Shadow.”

“Not a nice word.”

“I've got all the world I want.”

“War footing.”

“They told his father...his satanic father.”

“Hoor of Babylon.”

“Hell incarnate.”

“Take our vengeance on you.”

“I'm the Archangel f**king Gabriel!”

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