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True Blood Season 1 Ep 3 Review


This wasn’t as boring as ‘Defying Gravity’ but it wasn’t far off. Fashion coma victim Sookie has come to Bill’s house in the dead of night. Being Sookie, she promptly runs afoul of his vampire buddies and sees a very unpleasant side of vamp life. Also Jason and Dawn’s twisted relationship continues while Sam and Tara become friends with benefits.

The Fellowship of the Sun church plotline goes on. There is the first mention of Eric and the vampire queen. Tara’s drunken mother is drunk. Sookie wants Bill to do something untoward to her. Jason longs for Buffy or Blade to come to town. When Jason gets an urge to try V, Layfette helps out. Layfette turns out to have many skills: road crew worker, short order cook, drug dealer, prostitute and web site operator. Jason pays for his V by dancing for Layfette in his underwear.

This was dull. This show is moving with the speed of an arthritic tortoise.

Best Lines:
Don’t ever sneak up on a vampire.”

“Jesus ain’t going to help you.”
“Yeah that’s been clear for quite some time.”
“You sass the Lord and I will kick your skinny ass, you hear me?”
“You can’t even stand up you pathetic, ugly, old bitch.”

“Jesus wouldn’t even set foot inside this house, not with the way you smell.”

“He barks in his sleep.”

“There’s a lot of pervs in this town.”
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