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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Windsors' promo


'Star Trek Picard' 1x06 promo


Who saw 'Far From Heaven'?

My ex is a thundering disgrace: I had no warning about who you were and I tried to help you.

I won't read 'Solstice'.

'BBC News' Quotes:


“Such unanimous outrage.”

'RT' Quotes:

“Anti-return protests.”

“Blocking the streets to a major hospital.”

“Very hostile attitude.”

'Encounters With Evil' Quotes:

“Lead his followers to a grisly end.”

“Don't fit in with their community.”


“Talk nasty.”

“Talk them round.”

“Selling the lie.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Economically inactive.”

'Tabu' Quote:

“Something that we put up our chimneys.”

'Killer Couples' Quote:

“Enemy to many.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Sullied beyond repair.”

“Life is but a brutish Sisyphean struggle with no purpose or unifying meaning.”

“One of them is hypothermic. The army men seem to view the latter as a character flaw rather than a medical reality.”

“Unquestioing adherence to brutality.”

“Increasingly bitter family dispute.”

“Revelled in the vacuity.”

“Having couples in skimpy bikinis and togs fight for a bar of soap in a bathtub. Live on Sunday afternoons.”

“No lived experience.”

“Prompting a furious glance.”

“Radical rudeness.”

“Correctly contends.”

“Actions are being met with the gratitude.”

“Commanding position.”

“Seeming endless farewell tour.”

“A paradise populated by people who believe they are in hell.”

“Howls of outrage.”

“Truly is a hellhole.”

“Ruined countries.”

“Justified gripes.”

“Angry electorate.”

“Mutual trust.”

“Ahead of our own.”

“Consistently objected.”

“Persistent interruption.”

“Follow through on his threats.”

“Never going to recover.”

“Distrustful nature.”

“Cultural and social exchange.”

“Spray protesters off the streets.”

“Step its hostility.”

“Founding narrative of tragedy and heroism-”

“Dominant culture.”

'Celebrity Damage Control' Quotes:

“Things are going really well, for now.”

“Dumb white idiots getting high together.”

“Ran off with a trucker from the hotel loading docks for a short time.”

'Snapped' Quote:

“She didn't know where he was. She though he was dealing drugs.”

'Cheer' Quotes:

“Home town folks.”

“Old school people.”

“Good wholesome folks.”

“Constant tension.”

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