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Movie Review: Annabelle Creation (2017)

A dollmaker and his kin live in a wretched hovel like peasantry. There is a death and 12 years later the dollmaker's hovel has become an orphanage. There is an orish priest and a nun. This was not bad just really dull. This causes a negative spiral of disengagement. A horribly sour and dark truth lurks.

There is a dollhouse and an evil doll has a hugely detrimental impact. There is a well. This is not a nightmare scenario. The nun doesn't listen. There is a contagious narrative of distrust. There is exposition. There is no expectant silence. The orphans are perpetually disgruntled. There are social ills and irrational fears. This was not compelling or creepy.

This was an irrelevant prequel. There is mumbling and evil causes nuisance. There are no enormous adverse consequences. This was appalling with bad acting. A cross is waved. This was not an appealing narrative. In fact it is an unfolding disaster. There are insufficient scares. There is an almost total absence of quality. Anthony LaPaglia plays the illfated dollmaker.

Best Lines:

“Keep to your own business.”

“Devil prays on those weak in faith.”

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