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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Doctor Who' promo 'Ascension Of The Cybermen' promo


'Hunters' trailer


Salted caramel choc – okay.

White secco – nice.

I won't read 'The Last Best Hope' or 'Houses Under The Sea'.

I will read 'Matilda', 'This Blood Is Thick' and 'Haunted Tides'.

Pod-stress is a thing.

I won't watch 'White House Farm' 1x05 or 1x06.

'Insatiable' axed.

What's sea buckthorn? Or aged butter?

Living room sweat is a thing.

'Hollyoaks' Quote:

“Smelly hippies and people who eat out of bins!”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Scary numbers.”

“Nowhere to put patients in primary care other than shutting them in the toilet.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Some areas may have to be given up.”

“Painful choices for our island nation.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:


“We couldn't even afford worms!”

“Scottish feelgood juice!”

“Make up your mind liar.”

“Thrown out of another amusement park.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Further evidence of her untrammelled narcissim.”

“She's so enraging.”

“Psychic vampire repellent,”

“I don't think her customers are nearly so gormless as the relentlessly furious headlines suggest.”

“Toxic power.”

“A direct challenge and an expression of wordless fury.”

“I weep for the life she could have had if she'd married someone else.”

“That awful husband.”

“Theatrical presence.”

“Doing nothing in particular for hours on end.”

“Legendary Dublin street characters.”

“Test of absolute loyalty.”

“An exaggerated optimism.”

“Ideological fixations.”

“Hasn't always recognised himself in pieces written about him.”

“Spectator behaviour.”

“Did not always treat me well.”

“Post-1980s inertia.”

“Took their country away from them.”

“Massive odium.”

“Biography is the medium through which the remaining secrets of the dead are taken from them and dumped out in full view of the world.”

“Interpersonal exchanges are ephemeral.”

“The mad Irish one pisses in the sink.”

“Unvisited tombs.”

“How something whole and radiant and unassailable can spoil.”

“Useless of all regrets. Nothing could have been otherwise.”

“Something so awful.”

“Just the idea of him entering a room.”

'Tracks & Trails' Quote:

“Country's biggest scarecrow festival.”

'An American Murder Mystery' Quote:

“Then it went to the next level of crazy.”

'Cold Justice' Quote:

“Did find some curious apocalyptic writings in her trailer.”

'RT' Quotes:

“Social aspect is weird.”

“Plant cravings.”

“Clearly a health crisis.”

'The Sunday Time's Quotes:

“Made semi-eternal.”

“Lying on a bean bag while someone bangs crockery in your general direction.”

“Dodgy footman.”

“Gone into the generation that doesn't matter.”

“No rights of inheritance whatsoever when it comes to a hereditary title.”

“Walking towards an abyss.”

“Trying to resist the absolutely inevitable change.”

“Dealt with their opinions as if they were facts, and everyone else's opinions as if they were nonsense.”

“By definition those times have gone.”

“Cruel pleasure.”

“New found importance.”

“Trying to recognise some remnant of their lives.”

“Atmosphere of doom.”

“Become blase about the presence of bat eating pythons living in their yard.”

“Helicopters swooping down to drain suburban swimming pools for their water-bombing campaigns.”



“Inherent futility.”

“Bold assertion of his own superfluousness.”

“Collective response.”

“Mutual dread.”

“End of all decent educational options.”

“Where all the mentals are.”

“My assertion of dominance.”

“Simmering wrath.”

“Startingly indifferent.”

“Equate to happiness.”

“Sinister activities.”

“Hate-driven conspiracy theories.”

“Epidemic containment.”

“Did not want to engage in any further correspondence.”

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