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Undiscovered Country Issues 2&3 Reviewed

Undiscovered Country Issue 2

I had no idea this comic existed. I haven't read issue 1. America sealed itself off from the outside world many years ago. Now society has collapsed and changed. The outside world has formed new political allegiances and there is a bizarre map of the new divided states of America.

What is the spiral? What is the sky virus? The former USA is full of monsters. How? There are giant worms and a reveal. Who built that wall? This was good and intriguing.

Best Lines:

A fleet that doesn't need a supply chain.”

“American society as we knew it is gone.”

“Flesh-eating buffalo.”

“Almost started World War V.”

Undiscovered Country Issue 3

Canada is seen. People have theories about what has happened in America. What happened to the bird? People wander around the changed USA. There are mysteries and a reveal. What is the burk Daniel up to? What is he plotting? What caused all this? What caused such discomfiting ominious consequences?

There is no subtle understatement here. People deal with other people ostensibly on their side whose commitment to each others best interests looks shaky to say the least. People are motivated by hostility and innate pessimism. Those who should have been their allies aren't. Logic has receded from popular memory. There is endless uncertainty.

Best Lines:


“Made me the bad guy in your mind.”

“My choices are great. It's other people's choices that tend to piss me off.”

“So much longer...”

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