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Billionaire Boys Club (1987) Part 3 + The Pale Horse (2020) 1x02 + Doctor Who 38x07 Reviewed 🌧🌧🌧

Billionaire Boys Club (1987) Part 3

There is cheque forging and synth music. Joe promised an unending wave of good fortune – he lied. People make no atonement. The DA/cops ignore the BBC, Joe's sins are innumerable. Joe causes ineffable unease and is calculatedly ambitious. People claim to be terrified of Joe. The BBC were bad people and were morally culpable.

People have deeply concerned expressions. Joe plots to kill more people. Joe had a grim nature. The BBC is marred by distrust. Joe is coldly orderly. Joe's arrested. A massive clue was left behind at a crime scene. Joe is contemptible and shockingly ineffectual at being a criminal.

People act suspiciously. Joe is not as cool or threatening as he thinks he is. This miniseries apparently inspired the Menendez brothers to kill their parents. They must have overlooked the ending where Joe got life in prison without the possibility of parole. Joe and the Menendez brothers remain in jail to this day.

Best Lines:

“I think he's dead.”

“Check again.”

“Hadn't heard anything positive.”

“What kind of crazy hell is this?”

“Spoilt brats playing businessmen with their old high school buddies.”

“Joe's last chance to do something to us.”

“Let's not.”

“I declare war on you.”

“Real perversion stuff.”

“In some sexually gruesome way.”

“Nobody wanted anything to do with a plan like that!”

“One hell of a way of solving corporate debts.”

The Pale Horse (2020) 1x02

Mark wanders and questions an evil stepmother and is aggressive toward women. The second wife smokes and stares. There are flashbacks and his first wife wore lipstick in the bath? The second wife accuses and swears and wields scissors. Mark gaslights. What tablets is the second wife on?

The witches lurk. Isn't throwing earth on the coffin a US thing? The second wife wields an electric carving knife. There is an imagine scene. This was not compellingly bleak and my sense of expectation was not met. There is more swearing.

It's all about murder for greed. It is said that the witches don't leave their house, yes they do! They lurk at funerals! Mark screams and somebody puts a dead rabbit thing in Mark's car. That was the one genuinely creepy startling moment in this.

There is plotting and Mark makes a deal. This was not faithful to the book. Mark gets angry. What happened to wife number 2 and the cop? Mark parties and hangs out with more slutty peacocks. Mark commits breaking and entering and finds many files. There is a twist.

There is a reveal. People have black hearts. A buck toothed baddie prances. What become of the petrol bombs? The second wife comes out of a coma and it is hinted the witches really are witches. Osborne the buck toothed baddie gets got. Did the second wife really place a curse on Mark? The ending scene happens and makes no sense. What happened to Mark?!?

Best Lines:

“They are very odd.”

“Obstacle blocking the path to your happiness.”

“Who inherits?”

“I don't believe in magic.”

“You are talking at me, breathing on me.”

“I'm not angry, I'm just worried.”

“Don't just don't!”

“Use a f**king ashtray you bitch!!!”

“She wouldn't bloody die!”

“I renounced the devil for you.”

“Who hates you enough to want you dead.”

“Prised yourself out of your current tart's sticky thighs.”

“I will win.”


“I've a social engagement.”

“Don't ever come here again.”

“You smell wrong.”

“No one gets away with it forever.”

“Make a sow feel creaky knees.”

“I quite like being an empty shell.”

“Old hairy bollocks with his goat hooves.”

“Punish me.”

“Bite you on the bum.”

“You don't know what that is do you?”

“Shameless daughter is making a show of herself.”

“Put to death by the dark arts.”

“Grubby secret.”

“Blood running out of every hole.”

“Horrible bints started getting clever.”

“Nasty bitches.”

“No loss to the world.”

“You lose count after 30.”

The Haunting Of Villa Diodati

The boring Doctor and her boring compansions hang out with Byron and Shelley. A Cyberman shows up. The Lone Cyberman is a Borg knockoff who drones on and on. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Something infernal is on my doorstep.”

“History is vulnerable tonight.”

“Quality historical experience that.”

“No way back.”

“Tread the dust of empires.”

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