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The Pharmacist 1x04 + Good Omens 1x05 + The Fix 1x06 Reviewed

Tunnel Of Hope

There is no pastoral innocence here. This is a show full of disturbing revelations. Dan had self appointed purpose and the doctor seems to be on drugs. In 2002: there were grave concerns and people begged the doctor to stop treating their relatives who had drug seeking behaviour and were met with indifference and arrogant denial.

Dan's determined efforts were met with ingratitude. People were morally responsible. There were contentious views and ever mounting criticism. This was quietly damning and provokes sadness. The drug rep was questioned in court. There is bitter irony and more pill mills. In 2005: Katrina disrupts plans and Dan's home was destroyed by Katrina.

In 2007: people turn to heroin and eventually Fentanyl. Lawsuits are filed against the Sackler family. In the present day: there are tent cities, a cab driver carries an anti-OD kit and Dan's done. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“National litigation.”

“Here they were killing people.”

“For no medical purpose.”

“Pay for some of this carnage.”

“Skyrocketing threat in suburban communities.”

“Your pain is what you say it is.”

“Social erosion.”

“A drug dealer with a medical licence.”

“We all acted dumb.”

“Facing a reckoning.”

“Only coming here for one reason.”

“Crack destroyed New Orleans.”

“No end to the damaged.”

The Doomsday Option

There is overacting and bad acting, maggots and chaos. Adam's friends are awful and this was rubbish.

Best Lines:


“It's on fire or something.”

“You'll never escape London. Nothing can.”

“Hell will not forget, hell will not forgive.”

The Fugitive

Sevvy runs, Wolf lies and Sevvy is a brooding malcontent. He's charged, the DA blusters and Sevvy is arrested. A new lawyer gatecrashes the arrest to be Sevvy as a client. Wolf's angry. Lawyers lie. Jessica's sister shows up. Sevvy's ex golddigs. Sevvy begs an ex-friend for bail money. Maya screams at her mancandy. Wolf makes a murder accusation in open court and gets demoted in favour of the new lawyer.

What about Gabe? Matthew's lies come out. There is a standoff. This was okish. Wolf has endless boundless unjustified confidence in himself and reaches a new level of evil.

Best Lines:

“I run the show. I am the show.”

“2 trucks, 1 for each wing.”

“Transferred to the hinterlands to handle sprinkler violations.”

“I would send your resume straight to the shredder, I'm not into dogooders.”

“If Sevvy knew what was good for him, none of us would be here.”

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