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The Durrells 4x06 Reviewed

Larry's back. Louisa shows no gestures of remorse. Leslie's stupid. The potentially harmful war lurks. This was implausible. One feels odium and indifference for Lousia – this hook up never happened in real life! Gerry has a python. Louisa does not find war gravely worrying. There are no escalating concerns. Leslie demands that Spiro shag his mother.

Leslie's downright stupid and unamusing. This was awful and implausible. Leslie's thuggishness bubbles just beneath the surface. Spiro's wife is unseen in this ep, she's still seen as the enemy. Spiro, Leslie and Louisa are all loathsome and uniformly ghastly. Nobody cares about Spiro's greviously harmed and abandoned wife.

Where are Spiro's children? Louisa denies marriage wrecking. Louisa and Spiro's affair would have provoked outrage in 1939 Corfu. Spiro deserves no profound admiration. Louisa's thick. Theo tells them to elave. The clan make good cheer. Gerry is told to shut down his zoo and the prevailing euphoria is dented. The clan have overwhelming and unquestioning support for Louisa's slutty acts. Nobody is apprehensive about war.

This was disappointing. Contentment is shortlived and this was ghastly business. The clan are ordered to give up their wireless and typewriter. There is mild peril and no narrative weight. The Hitler Youth couldn't eat ice cream in public apparently.

Margot boasts about losing it aka doing it in 1939. Gerry is a footnote in this show now as are the animals. Larry is a spy now? Would MI6 hire a sexual deviant like Larry? Oh yes they would. The zoo has no bedding or food. Flamingos are seen. Gerry lets birds, a turtle and a pelican go.

They're leaving on a special charted ship. They don't pack, there is no urgency. All Louisa cares about is Spiro's manrod. Why is this show all about Louisa? Various animals lurk. Louisa wants Spiro to abandon his wife, children and country and run off with her.

Margot's old love does a Colin Firth in a wet vest.Gerry hands out his animals (a torotise, a goat, birds) to a play audience. Manrods are ridden. They eat a meal in the sea. Larry stays on Corfu to spy – yeah right. It ends. Shouldn't Larry be married? What wolves raised Larry? This was tortorous to the soul. Spiro stays on Corfu.

Best Lines:

“Less stupid.”

“No time for meaning.”

“Made the audience weep openly.”

“Dim bloke routine.”

“We British are reluctant Europeans.”

“I want to make a dignified entrance!”

“Swap paradise for Bournemouth.”

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