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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Durrells' 4x06 promo

They leave. Louisa still wants Spiro. Gerry lets all his animals go: they brought them back to the UK! Will Louisa stop being a whore?

'Blood' series 2 promo


'The Magicians' 5x05 promo


'Destination Fear' promo


'Last Tango In Halifax' promo

“Him on a bus. I laughed,”

Lightly Salted Doritos – mmmm.

Truffle oil – okay.

Gluten free chocolate & raspberry cake – okay.

Milk choc with pear & elderflower – ugh.

I'd try popcorn panna cotta.

They all walked away from me.

'Posion Candy' is 32 years old.

Why did my ex leave my life? I thought my ex was decent and caring.

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Modern Irish harping.”

“Pariah party.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Floating prison.”

“Global shortage of face masks.”

“Public health disaster.”

“Fear is turning to anger.”

“Quarantine squads.”

“Last evacuation flight.”

“Stop making false comments.”

“Sealed their love.”

“You just killed his BFF!”

“Die very unpleasant deaths.”

“Very easy to get this wrong.”

“I hope this is good but I expect that it won't be.”

'Losing It' Quote:

“He worries me.”

'Rocky III' Quotes:

“I live alone. I train alone. I win the title alone.”

“And nothing else.”

“The ultimate male.”

'The Simpsons' Quote:

“Mommy and Daddy are loud talking!”

'Postcards From The Edge' Quotes:

“Just drink like an Irish person!”

“My skirt accidently twirled up!”

“And you weren't wearing any underwear.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Narrates our demise.”

“Apocalyptic doom.”

“Moral arbiter.”

“You will beat all the consequences for your actions.”

“Self-serving arrogance.”

“Ethical determination.”

“Ideological cult.”

“Psycho-social Wellbeing.”

“Societal ills.”

“Prevailing mood.”

“Worse, and less worse.”

“Moral resonance.”

“Gathering myth.”

“Always found him a ghastly character.”

“Only had good intentions.”

“Grim legacy.”

“Deeply undervalued by society.”

“Somehow evidence of a character defect.”

“Partner-shaped absence,”

“You want it all, immediately and perfectly.”

“Solely evaluating them according to your personal end-goal.”


“Unwanted wealthy relatives.”


“Creative culture.”

“Volatile timing.”

“Expresses bewilderment.”

“Unusually distemperate.”

“Absurd forecasts.”

“Brutal disrespect.”

“Ideological bias.”

“Probable truth.”

“Just longs to be left alone.”

“Appeal is limited.”

“Forcing the accused men to reveal on whose orders they were acting.”

“Cannot condone what I have heard, I cannot excuse it.”

“Punished by the public.”

“May define his career.”

“Allowed out on their own in public without permission.”

“Give those characters what they want (but shouldn't have).”

“Disparaged by cultural gatekeepers.”

“Chilling, disconnected narrative.”

“Civic engagement.”

“Undervaluing and mistrust of the female voice.”

“An enemy that was defeated but insisted on fighting on.”

“Women are unthanked, jilted, presumed mad.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“Street mentality.”

'Sky News' Quote:

Deeply hostile to me.”

'The Daily Telegraph' Quotes:


“Artistically principled.”

“Entire communities have been cut off from cash.”

“No trace of any acceptance of responsibility.”

“Unwilling to co-operate.”

“Their governments have refused responsibility for them,”

“These people are a danger to the whole world.”

“Iron determination.”

“Bitter experience.”

“Emotional allegiance.”

“Essentially low regard in which he's held.”

“Grimly uproarious.”

“Intellectually demanding.”


“Raging intensity.”

'An American Murder Mystery' Quote:

“Show no caring.”

Rewatched 'Last Resort' 1x06 'Another Fine Navy Day': there is a chemical attack on the island. The NATO guy riles Kendal. This was good. Someone stole Chaplin's firing key.

Best Lines:

“Back when music didn't suck.”

“Stay awake and alive for the next 8 hours.”

“Did you enjoy your cavity search by the way?”

“Did you?”

Also rewatched 1x07 'Nuke It Out': the COB enforces his Just Say No agenda. Chaplin and Kendal search for a traitor. Chaplin says there is a rumour that there are CIA sleeper agents on every sub. So there is one on the USS Colorado but who is it? We don't learn who it is, yet. Kendal learns the POTUS is a nutter. Kylie is asked to help. More things go wrong. Bad things happen to the COB. This was iffy.

Best Line:

One of them is the enemy.”

And rewatched 1x08 'Big Chicken Dinner': the crew's family members come to visit. There is an accusation and a trial. There is bad acting. Kendal goes on about his never to be explained time as a POW. This wasn't that interesting.

Best Line:
"He wanted revenge. He got it."

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