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Durrells4x05+The Fix 1x05+The Bad Seed 1x03&1x04+Billionaire Boys Club part 2+The Pale Horse 1x01

The Durrells 4x05

The King of Greece is visiting. The lemurs are seen. Spiro wanders around in his vest holding his massive tool. Leslie jokes about shooting Gerry's lemurs and putting them in a pie: no wonder he died alone and nobody went to his funeral. Louisa is morally corrupt. Margot heads back to Corfu – with what money? The Gare de Lyon is seen.

Leslie and Louisa are constantly maddening. Louisa takes grim satisfaction in being a whore. Leslie is dangerously flippant. One feels complete contempt for this. Spiro reveals his father was a cheater. Do the animals have any shade in Gerry's zoo? The Greek PM burns books apparently. There is no emotional accuracy. Louisa expresses dissatisfaction about Spiro being married. She has no social conscience. Leslie insists Scots are not a military organisation and not silly.

Louisa is not without blame, she is a hypocrite. Gerry is never prioritised. This was not interesting. Louisa confronts Spiro's wife. Louisa outright lies; she's doing incitment to Spiro and acts as if she faces unjust suspicion. Louisa does self curation and directs attention toward herself. The 'crisis' is largely of Louisa's own making and was engineered by her for her own personal advantage.

Morals collpase. Louisa is opportunistic and does not care about the negative impact on Spiro's wife. The show has made itself ridiculous. Spiro forgot he ownes his first loyalty to his WIFE. This is a complete mess that is a dress up panto mess that just lies there on screen like a dead fish. This was also a badly written mess.

Louisa has an incensed reaction to being called a homewrecker. Spiro's wife artfully pines and Louisa is furiously berated by her. The owl sits on a swing. Scouts form a swastika. People respond negatively. A gull is seen. Where are Dodo and the scorpions and Achilles and the pigeon? Namely all the fun stuff from the book that this show ignores?!? Louisa marriage wrecks some more and is rejected by Spiro. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Best Lines:

“Brother was killed by monkey!”

“I'd rather not be killed by Spiro.”

“All this niceness will end.”

“Mother can you not? I'm a figure of authority.”

“This is a woggle!”

“Overzealous gigolo!”

“Dramatic pause.”

“Just hate it and make fun.”

“Will you ever leave?!?”

“English. The most important language in the world.”

“Idiot badge.”

“Who do they like better?”


“I've got my eye on you.”

“I can read a newspaper.”

“A bleeding knee is a happy knee.”

“You can't paint the snakes blue.”

“Evil adultress!”

“You are there waiting for him.”

“So why is he living with you?”

“All the good bits from the Hitler Youth.”

Lie To Me

There is shovel waving and yelling as the stepson cracks up. There is a mole hunt in the DA's office. The orange bimbo hides her crapulence. Ezra Wolf is a joke. Sevvy stalked his stepson, Gabe. Wolf's lower than anyone. How many times has Wolf been married? Gabe talks to Maya. Wolf's ex wife knows Wolf is a hopeless gambling addict.

The mancandy lurks. Maya's house and the DA's office are both bugged. How? Why? There are no moral guidelines or moral universe. Gabe asks about his mom's murder. Who's Sunny? The orange bimbo is busted. Matthew covers up the orange bimbo's sins. There is a reveal. Wolf screams. WTF is a Special Master?

Maya's on/off BFF CJ lurks. There is indecent passion and no enforcement mechanism. Matthew fires a janitor. Wolf disgusts Star. Sevvy throws Gabe under the bus. Maya finds proof of Sevvy's guilt and Sevvy runs. This was good. What'll become of Gabe?

Best Lines:

“Get away with everything!”

“Who's blood is in the woods Gabe?”


“Not going to be pleasant.”

“Go at you for days.”

“All I've had is vending machine jerky.”

“Fancy rich guy closets.”

“Always wondered about that knife.”

“He's a murderer! And you're worse!”

The Bad Seed 1x03&1x04

The smug liar, Simon, lies. Women die around Simon. How many affairs has Simon had? Simon's brother lies and Simon does not notice. Simon and his wife adopted a child and now the bio-mother plans to steal her back. Simon's wife throws him out and dumps his stuff in the pool. This show is so bad. Simon is so stupid.

There is an OD. This was unimaginably dreadful. Simon causes someone to die. Simon's arrested but let go again. Simon's brother snitches. Simon sells his daughter back to her bio-mother to get out of murder charges. Simon's brother steals his life. Simon's thick.

Best Lines:

“He lied. Again.”

“My son the famous murderer.”

“If you're looking for sympathny, you won't get any from me.”

“Way beyond coincidence.”

Billionaire Boys Club (1987) part 2

The BBC drive 'fancy' cars which are dated looking. There is talk of emissions standards. Joe is not as significant or interesting or intellectual as he thinks he is. Fredric Lehane, Raphael Sbarge and Jill Schoelen co star. Ron Silver plays Joe Hunt's murder victim Ron Levin.

Ron Levin cons the BBC and steals their money. There is impenetrable business talk. Ron's murder is plotted. Joe is a lunatic. The BBC go along with him. Things fall apart and a new murder is plotted. This was dull. The BBC have venomous aggression.

Best Lines:

“Top of the world ma!”

“Smog certified.”

“Did that sober.”

“Daddy isn't going to save us this time.”

“Our inheiritance is gone!”

“Are we rich yet?”

“Isn't just talk anymore.”

“You can learn anything in the library.”

The Pale Horse (2020) 1x01

The BBC have adapted beyond recognition my favourite Agatha Christie novel in this 2 parter. There is a village called Much Deeping where in 1960 a woman meets 3 witches. This leads to her death and a tacky funeral hat being worn by the woman who'll marry the dead woman's widower.

Rufus Sewell, Georgina Campbell, Bertie Carvel, Sean Pertwee and Kaya Scodelario star. It is 1961 and Mark (Sewell) is married to his trophy wife (Scodelario) and having it off with a society heiress turned Soho titty bar worker. The titty bar worker dresses as a slutty peacock. This tries for atmosphere. Mark gets his shirt off a lot. There is death and hair loss.

There is a list of names of dead people and people who soon die and Mark. There is unsubtle foreshadowing and Mark pries. One is unsure at first if Scodelario is Mark's wife, daughter or housekeeper. A black cat is briefly seen in Much Deeping. The louche rich are louche.

Mark has money. Weird poppets are seen. There is talk of witchcraft. Pertwee plays a cop. Mark realises that the death of his first wife is tied to Much Deeping and the witches. Mark lies. There is talk of witches, curses and killing to order. Mark's second wife does nothing but smoke and sit in her kitchen. She also stabs a cushion. Much Deeping is full of paganism and this is different to the book.

Did they have sprinklers in 1961? Mark wanders around the cow crap free countryside. Doesn't Mark have a job? There is a lot of driving. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:

“He'll never leave her.”

“Who says I want him to?”

“You got a bloody dead rat in your sink!”

“Because of her list.”

“You're very talked about you know.”

“Got your man, finally.”

“You're very suitable.”

“Tawdry bastard wants a handout.”

“Some sustained and life limiting depravity.”

“Obscene sounding little village.”

“Bone idle little sod. I despair of him.”

“In the south of France.”

“Of course he is.”

“Her husband would he married to someone else by autumn.”

“It means they're coming.”

“Devil's work they do in Much Deeping.”

“Alcohol opens the door to satan.”

“Credulous morons!”

“I don't care to be followed.”

“No one caring enough about you to know you weren't there.”

“My gut says otherwise.”

“Probably the bad whelks.”

“Terrible doesn't come anywhere near it.”

“Strange fings.”

“But I did marry someone esle!”

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