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Book Review: Night Thunder

Night Thunder by Ruby Jean Jensen

This 1995 'horror' is inept in every way. As long as the tree lives, the dead stay buried or something. This has no allure. Every page actively makes this worse. Quality is unattainable. Zombie slug cultists emerge from under a felled tree (or something) to harass a small town. Nothing could make this less bad. This leaves you dissatisfied. The zombie slug cultists inflict damage to the social fabric. One isn't bemused at how crap this is. Jensen has an utter incapacity to write. This book was objectively unjustified. Way too much of the plot focuses on hysterical women and idiot kids.

Best Lines:

“I think they call it landscaping.”

“Tom's wife was killed last night,”

“I want her in her grave! As soon as possible!”

“She must never feel your touch.”

“The blowtorch.”

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