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Movie Reviews: 6 Underground +Confessions Of A Killer+Heavens Above!+MyStepmotherIsAnAlien+ 1 more

6 Underground (2019)
Ryan Reynolds stars in this inept Michael Bay movie. A man fakes his death and leads a vigilante mob against a baddie. I have no idea what is going on or why. One lacks motivation to care. This was joyful in its dumbness. There are societal problems and this causes a lack of commitment. People make bad choices. Idiots are at serious risk.

There is no moral courage. There is a credibility gap. There is no social or moral justification for this. There are terrible decisions and causal brutality and unhinged vigilantes run ludicrously riot. There is no horrifying resonance, no cartoon violence or brilliant black comedy. There are weird social activities, farcical characters go ballistic, the gang are not comically squabbling, there are fanatical idiots and this was not an absurdist upending of normality. This was blase po faced dumbness.

There is no camaraderie or adventure – Reynolds has a compulsion to create a new order and seeks the fall of a baddie. This was an absurd caricature. It causes mounting frustration and was inadequate. The baddie has power and intimidation. There is no serious risk just a brutal and malicious tool. There is naked disbelief at how bad this is. There is bad acting and crazy situations.

Best Lines:
“She's bleeding.”
“I'm aware.”

“Half wit.”

“Nothing like the batcave.”

“Being naked, getting drunk, casual stuff.”

“Showing he cares.”

“Universal condemnation.”

“Such a fuss.”

“Inspire fear.”

“Show my enemies what's in store for them.”

“Help people in bad situations.”

“Knock you out in front of my mother.”

“I never liked you.”

“Not coming back for you.”

“No impact on anything.”

Chris Watt: Confessions Of A Killer (2020)
This true crime tv movie was dull. It's all about the murderer and his ho. He was particularly malign and the murdered wife and children become forgotten.

Best Line:
“She thought he was going to let go.”

Heavens Above! (1963)
Joan Hickson features in this inept 'comedy' about a vicar in a posh village. Peter Sellars stars and expresses views that others do not approve of. This inevitably leads to unrest. He has ideological commitment. This was profoundly sad and unnecessary.

Best Lines:
“Go and feed your donkey.”

“That family?”

“Sodom of a place!”

My Stepmother Is An Alien (1988)
Jon Lovitz, Seth Green, Alyson Hannigan, Dan Aykroyd and Kim Basinger star in this dated tale of an alien come to Earth. There are dated VFX, sexism and Dad minimises his annoying daughter's feelings. This was not awe inspiring and the alien pretends to be a man's subservient companion. People don't notice a UFO on a beach. The alien failed to reconniter. The alien is pegged as trouble. This was not feted or warmly critically received. This was sap.

Best Lines:
“Haven't figured out Stonehenge.”

“He goes off to to fight the Turks and you put on a lock!”

The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial (1988)
Robert Altman directed this play adptation. It stars many future names. This tv movie was good. Queeg rants on the stand. Eric Bogosian, Jeff Daniels, Peter Gallagher and Kevin J. O'Connor star.

Best Lines:
“Storm doctine.”

“Old yellow stain.”

“Narration of human conduct.”

“Captain was a maniac.”

“Insane gestures.”

“Psychotic collapse.”
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