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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Flesh and Blood' promo


'Homeland' promo

“Did what had to be done.”

'The Durrells ' 4x02 promo


'Birds Of Prey' tv spot


'Tyson Fury Gypsy King' promo


'The Durrells' 4x04 promo


'Westworld' season 3 promo

Oh go away.

'Meet The Frasers' promo


'Star Trek Picard' 1x04 promo


'Spiral' sneak peek

Chris Rock and Max Minghella and Samuel L Jackson star in this 'Saw' spinoff.

'The Lodge' trailer

Looks good. Isn't this out yet?

'The Durrells' 4x05 promo

“I can never forgive you!”

Dark chocolate Irish butter fudge – nasty.

Gluten free berry crumble – nice.

Cool Original Doritos – okay.

Milka Philadelphia – yum.

I've given up on 'Cobra'.

I skipped 'The White House Farm Murders' 1x03&1x04.

'Spinning Out' cancelled.

I'll review 'Into The Pit' and 'Batwoman (Rucka)'.

I want an 18ct white gold lemon quartz and diamond ring. I want a Blue Frances silk-twill hand-drawn scarf and a scarf-print chanel 19 flap bag. I want a morganite art deco ring and an 18ct gold and diamond ring.

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“Absolute personal credibility.”

“Terribly mean.”


“Challening the belief that the news is relevant to us.”

“Deliberately fraudulent premise.”

“Lasting damage.”

“The reputation of a drama can be made or broken on social media in the pace of a few hours.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Right and normal way.”

“Dad threw me away.”

“Humanity has turned into uncultured swines.”

“Numb out my vibe.”

“Lie behaviours.”

'The Gloss Magazine' Quote:


'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Mess we're forced to tolerate.”

“National inability to clean up our mess.”

'Australia On Fire: Climate Emergency' Quotes:

“Render extinct.”

“Without hesitation or concern for her safety.”

“Blackened landscape.”

“Nasty death”

“Habitat resources.”

“Ground is totally ash.”

“True scale of what's been lost.”

“Don't go into a room you can't get out of.”

“Too late to leave.”

“We weren't listened to.”

“Drought that feels without end.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Fever checks.”


'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Repressed this need in himself.”

“Wary of court battles,”

“Reputational damage.”

“Possible hurt and pain.”

“This conversation has not happened in 20 years.”

“Habit of avoidance.”

“Neither of you can pretend that it has not happened.”

“Cannot force someone to engage with you.”

“Is he a loser?

No, he is President of the United states.”

“Traumatic reaction.”

“Unresolved trauma.”

“Commands unquestioning loyalty.”

“My discourse wasn't even acknowledged, never mind given any understanding.”

“Impacted very negatively.”

“Four votes in the household but no-one seems to want them.”

“Peddle that consistent narrative. Few, if any, believe it.”

“Seemed to work out rather well.”

“Do something awful.”

“Returns from the Freudian depths.”

“Charcoal shadows of eternal doom.”

“Too ill-lit to generate much audience unease.”

“Prurient motivations.”

“(This is perfectly normal discourse on Love Island and apparently ntohing to be worried about.)”

“Becomes a quarantined plague pit when the pandemic hits.”

“Not prepared to tolerate the presence.”

“Borderline hostile.”

“Chaotic and fearful environment.”

“Unable to offer any resistance against an attack.”

“Intentional infliction of emotional harm.”

“Catastrophic income loss.”

“National salvation.”

“Tour disturbances.”

“Provocation and retraction.”

“Build-up of tension.”

“A man of the past.”

“Suspicious of our motives.”

“Provoke a spate of invective.”

“Unqualified condemnation.”

“Morally unacceptable.”

“Conflicting behaviour.”

“Grim phrase.”

“This is not a good situation.”

“Negative media coverage.”

“Fatigue management.”

“Sudden and dramatic deterioration in his behaviour.”

“Collapse in the government's satisfaction rating.”

“Erroneous exclusion.”

'Murphy Brown' Quote:

“You can't hide your wife's body parts in a hayloft and not expect barn cats to play with her femur.”

'Snapped' Quote:

“Country things to do.”

'Inside No 9' Quote:

Did a rat crawl up your arse and die?!?”

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