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Book Review: The Possession

The Possession by Michael Rutger

This is an utterly inadequate sequel to 'The Anomaly'. This starts out well but with grim remorselessness turns into plotless, appalling, wholly implausible deranged nonsence. This unwittingly daft novel is full of shifting povs, exposition, dark purposes and wilfully delusional morons. The idea of there being a sequel to this sequel is a prospect I abhor.

There is no atmosphere of terror and the plot struggles to convince. This was diabolical and irrefutably bad. This does not mediate consideration. I didn't like this extremely annoying book at all. Credibility is long gone and this was a clossal failure. Characters are full of grandiose rhetoric and self pitying hyperbole and fevered mania.

This tale of mysterious walls is terribly calm, startlingly deranged and conspicuously bad. Odddly no mention is made of the world shattering discovery in book 1. This was vacuity and inanity. There is a hostile atmosphere in the town. Oh my god, how dreadful is this?

Best Lines:

“The script is only as good as your villain.”

“Desperate solutions.”

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