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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Death In Paradise' promo


'Cheerleader Generation' promo


'Lowlife' promo


'Whitney' promo


'Emma' tv spot


'Can't Come Out to Play' promo


'Deliver Us From Evil' promo


'Locke & Key' sneak peak

“Nothing good.”

'Big Game' spot


'No Time To Die' promo

“This was your choice.”

'Black Widow' tv spot

“The Avengers weren't my first family.”

67% Dark Chocolate & Mint Crunch – okay.

Gluten free Madeira iced queen cake – dull.

Gluten free Apricot & cashew nut toasts – okay.

What is oyster cream? What are finger limes?

My ex caused me sorrow and bewilderment. My ex is the place where all my pain begins. My ex failed me in every way possible. My ex has ingratitude and lack of loyalty and love.

I want the Chanel camelia necklace in white gold, ruby and diamonds. I want an Art Deco onyx and diamond jabot pin in the form of cupid's arrow. And diamond earrings and a ruby and diamond ring.

Who saw 'Star Stories'?

Who read 'You'll Never Eat Lunch In This Town Again'?

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Not in my lifetime.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Start of the end.”

“He'd been stabbing people in the street.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“Seat meat.”

“Toilet spaghetti.”

'Uncut Gems' Quote:

“Having a situation.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Not without fondness.”

“Something called “bills”.”

“Media conspiracy.”

“Judged harshly by history.”

Depressing dynamic.”

“Growing up correctly.”

“Accidently infiltrated another person's life.”

“Make decisions, big and small, on behalf of themselves and others,”

“Made a terrible mistake.”

“Escape people clamouring at them,”

“Not stint in honouring his memory.”

“Obviously thinking, “This dude is destined to go on and do amazing things in the game,” even though I obviously didn't.”

“Quit not one, but two PhDs.”

“Only person who has dropped out of Trinity College twice.”

“Quit friendships and relationships that don't serve me.”

“Well-organised society.”

“I can't say I'm wildly suprised this has happened.”

“Eerie, terrifying reality of mass illness.”

“Bombed out of existence.”

“Mythologised beyond all recognition.”

“Local lads stripped to the waist and waited for trade.”

“Hateful but imperative duty.”


“Still not being heard.”

“Obsolete customs and conventions.”

“No legal avenues of appeal.”

“Left too soon, in the eyes of today's German authorities, to qualify as persecuted.”

“Have they been forgiven?”

“Sort of.”


“A bit.”

“Unwanted cultural themes.”

“List of shame.”

“I'm just-doubted.”

“Theory wars.”

“Too good looking to be decent.”

“Believed that history had a purpose and direction.”

“Infamously deferential.”


“The dull, the idle, the failures.”

“Distinctly of his time.”

“Indicative of all that was wrong with the youth of the day.”

“Least fortunate of their generation.”

“A torment in your coming.”

'Losing It' Quote:

“They feel like the enemy.”

'Chicago P.D.' Quote:

“Terrified city.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Mottled with rage.”

“Credibly or authoritatively pontificate.”

“Open hostility.”

“Near pathological hatred.”

“Morally compromised.”

“Alleged lack of appreciation.”

“Desperate circumstances.”

“Collaborative striving.”

“Refused to flush her own lavatory.”

“Last terrible days.”

“National oblivion.”

“His father who died long ago, sounds horrendous.”

“Appalling decision.”


“Moral frenzy.”

“Bigot factions.”

“Look sinister and meancing.”

“Wrecked with regret.”

“Global ramifications.”

“Unashamed insistence.”

“I have never felt so sick, abandoned or terminally alone.”

“Innate badness.”

“Sympathetic concern.”

“Stunned rigid with fear.”

“Monumentally negative occurence.”

“Fairly disturbing.”

“Socially camouflaging way.”

“Years of terrible behaviour.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Faced considerable hostility.”

“Completely vilified.”

“No apparent basis in fact.”

“Cultural chasm.”

“Fervent belief.”

“Ferocious resentment.”

“Probable doom.”

“Less immediately appealing.”

“Faintly deranged.”

“Unearthed assets.”

“The door needs to close just once in its lifetime to earn its money.”


“Selfish incentive.”

“Repetitive loss.”

“Just give me back what I had,”

“Chilling question.”

“Moral quesitons.”

“Intellectual and moral capacity.”

“Charmingly vintage aesthetic.”

“Mechanisms of confrontation.”

“Plan for nuclear victory and to go to nuclear war, if ordered, regardless of the cataclysmic consequences for their counties, their families, and themselves.”

“Disconcerting departure.”

“Always a hint of meance in what he says.”

“Ritualised forms of conduct.”

“Becomes accepted as reality.”

“Ensure the attacker stops attacking.”



“As if speaking of places that do not need to be spoken of.”

On 'Neighbours': Shane cheated on Dipi, who is extremely irate and upset. The homewrecker Roxy is coddled. Is Shane working through the results of his actions? No, he's hostile, nasty and denigrating to his wife who he intended to hurt with his man whoring. Dipi leaves home with only a tiny handbag.

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