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Fugitive Of The Judoon

Ruth (Jo Martin) is a tour guide with a weird hubby and a coffee shop admirer. The wet rag Doctor babbles about the Master. There is no unfettered naturalism. There is muttering in the undergrowth. Judoon lack meance. There is a fugitive and a whinge fest by the Doctor.

There is bad acting and coffee shop man puts 'you can do better' on Ruth's birthday cake. There are ranty harridans. There is no arch pondering. Ruth turns out to be a fictional construction with studied ordinariness. This ep causes no eagerness. Captain Jack Harkness is back. John Barrowman overacts wildly.

Where's Torchwood? It's been 10 years since he was seen. Jack is not dependably discreet. What is the Alliance Jack babbles on about? What are Nanogenes? What is the Lone Cyberman? There is no place of safety. There is no psycho-social subtext. Is Ruth's hubby Lee a cunning insinuator? The Judoon kill Lee, the coffee shop man and a friend of Ruth's. Who or what was Lee? There is no final, definitive battle.

Ruth has no emotional devastation over the deaths because she is the Doctor. An unknown and unremembered version. Ruth has more energy, wit and character in 10 minutes than the mopey Doctor has ever had. This was disappointing.

Ruth's tardis is buried. And then it isn't. Where did Ruth and Jack go? This wasn't darkly fantastical. It was not cruelly compelling. The Doctor is lauded as a sage and a moralistic speech is given. This was irrational. One cannot ascertain clarity. This was extraordinarily stupid. Ruth has a colder vibe as the Doctor. There is no ongoing relevance.

Best Lines:

“Gets weird books out from the library.”

“In ruins right now.”

“Brought down to nothing, finally.”

“You can get excited now.”

“Space rhinos.”

“Biological shielding.”

“Fugitive match: negative.”

“You want to take this outside?”

“Stop asking me that everytime I come in for a latte.”

“Beware the Lone Cyberman.”

“You don't know what a Cyberman is yet do you?”

“Glory of ash and bone.”

“Do not come for me again. Ever.”

“One of us has to be wrong.”

“A fallen empire and they should stay that way.”

“They're always somewhere. Waiting.”

“Something's coming for me.”

The Bad Seed (2019) 1x01

A woman is stabbed in the first 30 second. A former 'Hercules' cast member is in this. Her ex lurks. A woman learns her doctor husband is a liar with a criminal record. This miniseries is utterly without merit. The doctor and his skeevy brother lie.


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