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The Stranger (2020) 1x01&1x02+GoodOmens1x03+DeadwaterFell 1x03+VOY 5x10+Deep Water 1x01+ 2 more


Richard Armitage stars in this drama based on a Harlan Coben book. There is a naked guy and an alpaca. Jennifer Saunders, Dervla Kirwan and Stephen Rea co-star. This has few redeeming traits. There are many rancid individuals and give no credence to this.

The book was set in the USA but this show sets it in the UK. A stranger approaches Adam (Armitage) and reveals a series of bombshells about his wife Corinne. After imparting this incredibly disturbing info, the stranger leaves. The stranger is a woman, in the book the stranger is a man. Corinne is not capable or responsible. Adam stares at ultrasounds. An already volatile situation is inflamed. This was flawed and ill-considered.

Adam and Corinne have idiot sons. Randoms show up. There are Irish wolfhounds and a dead alpaca. There is fraught debate and sour grumbling and unmitigated evil is loose. The alpaca farmer named her alpacas after former boybanders. There are dark acts, Adam perceives deception and was Corinne working hard at pretending to be in love?

An oaf cop and a female cop look into the dead alpaca. Adam doesn't know how much he doesn't know or how one thing connects to another. He learns you can buy fake pregnancy bellies and fake ultrasounds off a website. Adam has churlishness. Corinne has disrespect, disregard and contempt.

Potentially catastrophic events unfold. Corinne talks crap and negative things unfold. Corinne won't explain and walks off. This was not much loved. Adam feels pain and disappointment and a random fat loser lurks. There are dangerous consequences and what did Corinne's thug son do?

Best Lines:

“Crap is not swearing.”

“Dads be lads.”

“Dads and lads.”

“This isn't what you think, there's more to this.”

“I've stopped trusting you.”


“Logic dictates.”

“It's an alpaca farm not Fort Knox.”

“I'd run DNA checks on your 2 boys.”

“Somethings really not right here.”

“What else are you capable of?”

“That is not normal behaviour.”

“Some kind of deranged midlife crisis.”


This was deeply disappointing. Adam feels uncertainty. Things cause tensions and great mistrust. There are far-reaching decisions and this was once serious. The stranger shows up to reveal some secrets. Now she has a sidekick. A woman (Saunders) learns her daughter is a sugar baby. Blackmail money is demanded. There is pathetic adulation of 'love'.

Anthony Head shows up to play Adam's bastard father. Adam gets his shirt off. There is no cliff edge drama. A middle aged man does lunges in small shorts. There is parnoia and siege mentality. Things are horrible and wrong. Adam buys a DNA kit but bins it. Are the sons his? His cop client (Rea) is asked for a favour.

Drugs were taken and there are weird text messages. There is a feeling of despair and Head berates Adam in court. There is a complete absence of any rational decision making. Head has a new family and ignores Adam and his grandsons in favour of his shiny new whore dropped bastards. There is no leadership, initiative or interest.

The sugar baby wants to be a research scientist?!? Ha ha ha ha ha. This was disastrous. There is a wall of crazy and Adam's youngest son whines. People launch tirades. Nobody complained about the field rave? This was not complex or difficult. This was incompetence. Adam is nice to look at but I just don't care about the characters or the story.

The missing Corinne was once trusted. This was unwarranted and fundamentally flawed. Another weirdo lurks. There is gunfire and missing money. A cop lurks. There is no sadness or emotion.

Best Lines:

“Where's your glorious future then?”

“3 years of uni gets you 60 grand in debt!”

Hard Times

This show is a quagmire of banality. We see Noah's ark, Jesus, Rome, King Arthur, Hamlet and the French Revolution. This was truly appalling with no cultural memory and this annoys with inexhaustible fervour. This was a moral failure that is deeply unremarkable. Famine shows up, he's basically Heston Blumenthal. Ha. Adam warps reality.

Best Lines:

“Sharp cutty thing.”

“Does remarkable things to oysters.”

Deadwater Fell 1x03

Tom is indeed an abusive creep. He rubbed his cheating in Kate's face and yelled at his mum. Kate had resolute suffering. There are enormous contrivances and there are realities people don't want to face. This was woefully inadequate and not emotionally tense. Things are not appropriately mysterious just strangely lifeless and very little actual happens. Tom had evil intentionality. This was not gloriously mad. Tom is deeply unpleasant and has no brooding meance. Kate tried to ask for help but nobody listened.


Janeway and the crew play games with an anti-telepath race. They're blandly confrontational. Janeway helps telepaths. Janeway has an ugly new haircut and shows off her actings. Janeway's nemesis plays a dumb game. If they knew the telepaths were on the ship all along – why didn't they arrest them?!? This was horrible stupidity.

Best Lines:

“Tourist attractions, if they have any.”

“Align yourself with monolithic organizations.”

“No hostile intent.”

Deep Water (2019) 1x01

This 6 part ITV drama begins. A boy is pushed off a boat by a bully. 3 women have issues. There is a dinner party fight. There is cheating and a husband who is useless with money to the point his family are being evicted. He's a gambling addict, he stole money from family. This was dull. The cheating wife has a useless husband. The gambling addict's wife has a thief for a daughter. The gambling addict has been keeping this from his wife. Gambling addict's family are 'poor' yet the wife has a smartphone and highlights. This was utterly unmemorable.

Best Lines:

“Discreet physical arrangement.”

“I'm begging you to listen.”

Billionaire Boys Club (1987) part 1

I'm rewatching this classic true crime miniseries. This was remade. This has horrible 80s synth theme music and is told in flashbacks via testimony at the trial of Joe Hunt. A man described as the yuppie Charles Manson, Joe Hunt, is still in jail today. Joe mumbles and runs a poniz scheme (though his coworkers weren't aware of that at first allegedly). Judd Nelson plays Joe and is brilliant. He's handsome yet delivers all his lines in a creepy monotone.

Hideous 80s fashion is worn as Joe rants about style. There is a shopping montage and Joe quickly turns his Billionaire Boys Club 'business' into his own personal cult. This was good. There is more to come.

Best Lines:

“He's no nerd now.”

“Our kind.”

“Paradox thinking.”


Chicago P.D 7x04

Infection part 3

People hunt the bio nutter, this bored.

Best Line:
"Conspiracy theory nutjobs."

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