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Black Widow Prelude Issue 1 Reviewed 🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹

Alexander Pierce, the Triskelion and Black Widow are seen in flashback as people discuss tracking her down. This is post 'Civil War'. Black Widow is a fugitive. Ross is seen. Natasha was born in 1984? Natasha's outfit is clevage bearing. Madam B, the Red Room and General Dreykov are mentioned. All set up for her solo movie? Couldn't Black Widow have the tubal ligation reversed? Why did Natasha defect? This was good. I'm interested.

Best Lines:

“Did I step on your moment?”

“Fighting at your orders...”

“This is gonna end well.”

“Allied with your pet, Tony Stark...”

“We're still friends right?”

“Depends how hard you hit me.”

“To my mind, that's certainly evidence of something untoward...”

“Dazzle me with your wisdom. I really want to know.”

“So she's genuinely Russian? She sounds perfectly American. She could've been born in Manhattan.”

“She's a spy, councilwoman. Blending in is her job.”

“We know nothing about her parentage or early years.”

“The Red Room? I thought that was a story made up for some best-sellers or something.”

“Turns out they hadn't indoctrinated her as well as they thought.”

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