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Book Reviews: Ghoster + Batwoman Vol 6

Ghoster by Jason Arnopp

From the author of 'The Last Days Of Jack Sparks' comes this inept follow up. Kate meets the perfect man; Scott. They plan to move in together. But when she relocates she discovers his flat is empty and his possessions have disappeared. She's been ghosted.

But she does find his phone and as she hacks his Tinder, texts, diary and social media – she starts to live in fear and bad things go down. The author doesn't provide convincing reasons as to why Kate keeps doing stupid things.

Kate learns Scott isn't who she thought, bad things happen as a result and even when she learns there are extremely dangerous people out there who had a hold over a frightened Scott, she still squats in Scott's flat.

Kate won't walk away, that option is closed to her. This was not an utter delight and it wasn't even slightly chilling. Kate's moronic choices have lasting consequences. Scott knowingly deceived Kate but instead of being wistfully regretful, she acts like a crazy stalker.

Kate faces terrible repercussions, all because she tried to get Scott to like her. One is unmotivated to care. How many times was Kate openly warned about her potentially catastrophic choices? There is a difference between being distraught beyond belief by being seemingly abandoned and crazed lunacy, Kate crosses the line. Nothing deters her. She and Scott are irrevocably bound.

The ending (which is idiotic) is an inevitability. This was the most terrible mistake and a pure disaster. Kate commited B&E and loitering with intent and wants people to dance around her whims. She displays a lack of concern and is sad and desperate in this unimportant, pointless and banal tale.

Best Lines:

“He learnt all them lines off a Kindle pick-up manual!”

“Smut sites.”

“Screen grabs I'm still really praying were taken from horror movies.”

“Out, Demon, OUT!”

“Our relationship will fall apart sooner rather than later.”

“Grim settlement.”

“Weren't there when I needed you.”

“I seriously considered threatening her with a hammer.”


“Come at me with your handbag?”

“Send each other links all day long, which feels so very romantic.”

“I'm sure we'll soon be back doing...whatever it is we do.”

The Unknowns

This is the 1st time I've read any of 'The New 52!' stories. What was 'The New 52!' anyway? What did it mean? Kate's dad built her batcave and suit. Kate and Maggie Sawyer were a thing? Batwoman fights a baddie in space! Clayface is a good guy? There are incoherent fights. Maggie and Kate broke up and Maggie's a bitch. There is a Doctor Blood? Kate had a theprist? There is non linear storytelling. Kate shags and fights a vampire. This was okay if confusing. There is flashforward to a future that does not involve an evil Tim Drake.

Best Lines:

“A super-powered lunatic army.”

“Step away from the naked man.”

“You can't just go running around playing vigilante, using stolen ordance.”

“Gotham's always been a magnet for insanity.”

“Was that supposed to hurt?”

“Did I mention how much I hate people who refer to themselves in the third person?”

“Pleasing everybody else but me.”

“It ended. Badly.”

“I liked you better when you were dead!”

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