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Angel Issue 8 Reviewed

The news of this title being renamed to include the thing that ate 2 shows makes me tempted to drop this. Fred's a witch and Spike is inflicted on readers. Wolfram and Hart attack. Lilah sneers and Spike knows magic. What did Fred do? Everyone has enough skeletons in their closet to stock a rather large graveyard. There is darkness, antagonistic forces and Fred is increasingly sinister and making choices that seem irrevocable. There is a horrific mystery and hints of impending violence. Fred is something terrible and potentially catastrophic. This was good.

Best Lines:

“Angel ever tell you the story about how he was the worst thing in the world?”

“I'm a vampire. Mommy told you what those are, yeah?”

“The universe is indifferent to all of us. And civilization is a lie we tell ourselves to feel like we have control.”

“Put the poker down. You're looking dangerous.”

“I wouldn't suggest watching that. Might give you bad dreams.”

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