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Chicago Med 5x04 + Spinning Out 1x03 + The Fix 1x04 Reviewed

Infection part 2

People are appalled by the current situation. There is growing panic. What became of Colin Donnell's character? S. Epatha Markerson stars alongside Oliver Platt. The virus becomes an epidemic and a housing complex is quarantined. There is no concept of hazmat.

A woman rants about Lyme Disease and biowarfare via bug sprayer. Something escaped or was stolen from a Level 4 lab? Idiots riot and there is bad VFX. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“It doesn't eat anything!”

“I've never seen a staph this aggressive before.”

“We have to treat that building like it's ground zero.”

“Set up the tents in the old wing.”

“Will remove you forcefully.”

“Active carriers.”

“Isolation gurney.”

“Fled quarantine.”

“5 cases on a single floor.”

Proceed With Caution

I skipped 1x02. Justin is a tool. There is a cat. The slutty skating rival lurks. Jenn and the doctor chat. Justin lies and the skating does not look Olympic level. What a jackass Justin is. Kat's fall shown in flashback doesn't look that bad. Kat bites herself. There is no honest expression of emotion. Serena bitches. How long has it been since 1x01? Carol has loads of pills and screams. Mitch pervs. Marcus helps. Kat has dread.

Justin does what he wants when he wants. Flowery leggings are worn like it is the 80s. Justin is unintelligent. Kat has a general air of misery. What is meat loaf? Kat has distressed reactions. Kat is intensely irritating. Kat is agitated. Justin causes blame and conflict. There is no emotional support for Kat.

Everything is traumatic. Jenn thinks Mitch is a perv too. This was dull. Justin throws a party as he is a twee tool. Justin is less than encouraging to Kat.

Mitch is divorced. There are bad life decisions. There is no kindness or respect. Justin is full of unmerited favour. Justin's melodramatic and bangs a slut. Carol is a bitch and Serena is an diot. There are grave mistakes and this was irrelevant. Carol's stupid and Kat makes a melodramtic scene. Justin is such a loser and litany of failure. Discontent increases and this was ineffective. Carol doesn't care that Mitch is possibly grooming Serena only that Mitch the former Olympian is coaching her daughter.

Best Lines:

“Age up my programme.”

“Where's the rest of that leotard?”

“I haven't had a muffin since the morning of my senior prom.”

“You are not scared enough.”

“Go deal with your issues.”

“Dude's a dick.”

“Dressed like you're going to rob a 7/11.”

“Why does he live in a trailer?”

“Billing statement.”

“This place is sad.”

“Wish that you didn't just survive that.”


Maya's mancandy is stalked by Wolf's heavy. The orange bimbo spies on gambling addict Wolf. PR tries to turn Maya into lawyer Barbie. She's seen as cold, shrill and unlikeable. Mancandy gets a shotgun. Maya goes after the ex. Matthew and Maya are accused of being lovers and there is a deep fake video. The Mayor blames Maya for not being Governor yet. Maya has more baggage than LAX. Maya is fired. This show is riskless. Wolf is so awful. Sevvy watches his old work – it's 'Lost'!!!! Why is Wolf getting away with crapping on everyone? Matthew's wife and Maya chat on tv. Maya rants on tv. Wolf fires his pr guy. Mancandy punches Wolf in the face. Sevvy's bag is dug up. Sevvy is hit with a shovel. Evidence is burnt. The orange bimbo calls out Wolf. This was good.

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