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VOY 5x06+Cobra 1x02+The Trial Of Christine Keeler 1x06+Spinning Out (2020) 1x01+Chicago Fire 8x04


15 years in the future Chakotay and Harry Kim try to change the ship's fate after it crashed on an ice planet after a failed attempt to get home. Geordi is captain of the USS Challenger and Janeway is unbearable and the doctor annoys. This was dull, drama seems to follow them around. Also 'tough' Harry Kim is a joke.

Best Line:

“Decks 9 through 14 are now Deck 10.”

Cobra 1x02

There are riots, mumbling, no power and fire. This was a yawn.

Best Lines:

“Social meltdown.”

“Posh druggies.”

The Trial Of Christine Keeler 1x06

Ward's not dead so his trial goes on. Christine screams and Mandy makes defiant assertions. Christine has a portentous tone and causes seething vexation with her narcissistic miserabilism. This was not pleasurably grim or sublimely bleak. Christine seems utterly unblemished by education. There is general nastiness. Christine is bitterly unhappy.

Christine can't get an equity card. Mandy plans to move abroad. Ward dies. Profumo and his wife don't care. Ward fades into history. The consequences were not very good for Christine. She freaks out in a pub. Ward's buried with barely anybody there. Christine is arrested.

Mrs Profumo rants. Her hubby utters no apology. He “saw things” in the war and justifies himself. Christine's dad shows up. Christine alienates Mandy. Christine faces disrespect, blame, threats and judgement. I don't care about her personal drama. Bad things happen around her. This was abysmal ineptitude.

Christine ignores advice. Her barrister orates in court. Lucky's repeated and disturbing acts of violence are ignored. Christine is jailed. She's thankless - how is she paying her legal bills? Profumo volunteers at a Centre For Social Reform. Mandy gets a singing career. Christine gets a 'hope you die in prison slut' card. Profumo does charity.

Her dad sells her out. Her mother stands by her. Why did Ward have Christine on a lead at one point?!? Christine gets out of jail and goes clubbing. The Ward files remain sealed until 2046. Mandy opened nightclubs and married 3 times. There is talk of grooming and how Keeler didn't want to be seen as a victim. She also wrote 3 versions of her autobiography.

Best Lines:

“Covered in his own vomit.”

“Dragging down the industry.”

“What have you done now?”

“Bloody die then!”

“Torrent of lurid articles.”

“Justice has nothing to do with the truth.”

“The plaything of assorted men.”

“Condemned on all sides.”

“Held accountbale for the downfall of a great minister.”

“Pleaser of men in his snob world.”

“I'm not that important.”

“Posh git.”

“I am myself, isn't that always the trouble.”

“One long descent into respectability.”

Now Entering Sun Valley

January Jones, David James Elliot and Will Kemp star in this ice skating drama. Kat an ice princess took a fall. Her stage mother (Jones) totally fails. Stage mom pushes her daughters to ice skate. Kat has a sassy friend named Jenn.

Justin an arrogant pairs skater needs a partner. People go on about a Senior Test and her sister has selfish delight and a perv coach named Mitch. There are repellent views. Kat's sister says she never tries and there is a horrible injury.

This is soap opera drama. Kat is driven by sentiment. The nastier consequences of ambition are seen. Kat's mother has non-existent maternal instincts. The sister has a perceived lack of empathy and arrogance. Kat has a lack of grace. Kat is asked to be Justin's partner.

A new coach lurks. Kat constantly complains of victimhood. She and her mother are bipolar. Kat is 21 and looks older than her mother. Kat does constant whingeing. Kat has a boyfriend. Her sister Serena is awful. The mother goes off her meds and blames Kat for her not going to the Olympics.

Justin's dad (Elliot) is not dutiful. There is an unending recitation of Kat's great talent. There is depressing reality. Justin's bimbo (step)mom lurks. There are malign actions and this was oddly compelling.

Mitch is obviously a perv. Serena is awful. Jenn is told her hip injury could stop her walking. Justin is a boring jackass who does pills with Jenn and drinks. Kat confronts Mitch about his obvious perving on Serena. Kat and Serena's mother was abused? That doesn't stop her being a bitch who throws Kat's trophies in the trash. A slutty skater is Kat's rival to partner Justin. She has a peceived deliberative quality. This was not especially bad.

Best Lines:

“Your triple toe.”

“Flying spin.”

“I trust no man to throw me 5 feet in the air going 20 miles an hour.”

“I'm coachless and she gets the former Olympian.”

“It took the EMT a full minute to get that blade out of her foot.”

“I could whack her knee with a bat. Or is that too 90s?”

“Who's paying for all this?”

“Not you.”

“Bottle service.”

“Sleep with losers who throw me away after 1 night.”

Infection, part 1

A 2019 crossover that sees an outbreak of flesh eating disease spread across the city. Why is a fire green? A marriage proposal goes wrong. The outbreak is an attack. This was boring.

Best Line:

“Four Horsemen type stuff.”

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