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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Mulan' trailer


'No Time To Die' trailer

“History isn't kind to men who play god.”

'Stockholm Requiem' promo


'SNL Undercover Boss: Where Are They Now'

Kylo Ren kills people. Okay.

Best Line:

“Made 4 new friends and only killed 1 of them.”

'The Undoing' trailer

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant and Donald Sutherland have drama.

'Antlers' trailer

Keri Russell sees bad things.

Best Line:

“Part of a man?”

'Birds Of Prey' tv spot


'The Righteous Gemstones' promo


'The Pale Horse' promo

Sean Pertwee, witches, paganism and this looks good.

Best Line:

“Something's coming, something bad.”

'Doctor Who' 38x06 promo


Feine bitter orange 70% dark chocolate – not memorable.

I'll review 'The Unknowns' and 'Ghoster'.

I'd try smoked honey and burnt avocado salad with basil and lemongrass.

Recall the 2003 cow parade?


Who read 'Hardy Boys Casefiles: The Lazarus Plot'?

Who saw 'Personal Services', 'Wittgenstein', 'The Journey Of Natty Gann', 'Spawn Of The Slithis', 'Basket Case 3' or 'Erik the Viking'?

I won't bother with 'Hellmouth Issue 4', 'Vampironica Issue 2', 'White Knight Issue 6' and 'Batman/Superman Issue 6'.

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“All the possibilities that might lie there.”

'Bobby Kennedy For President' Quotes:

“Showed me that I mattered.”

“I think somebody was shot.”

“Oh great.”

“Accepting look.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Performative gym-posting.”

“Acting under instruction.”

“The hare, now long gone, the cuckoo now also probably gone,”

“Short-eared owl, now very uncommon.”

“Poor management.”

“Moulded it in the image and aspirations.”

“Merciless banishment.”

“Anger at, and deliberate alienation of,”

“Staff mourned the apathy.”

“Position to inflict payback.”

“Monstrously intrusive.”

“Sometimes not even open at the times advertised.”

“Could not be carried on without suggestion of immortality.”

“Trust is a requisite.”

“What had been ripped away from us, what had been done to us.”

“You people. That's how it starts.”

“Not a place to encourage such things.”

“Emotionally outtraged.”

“Only threw a chair at John once,”

“Rigorous experimental theatre.”

“Traversed the galaxy in a starship seemingly 75% comprised of beige soft furnishings-”

“His prole-like neighbours appear suitably grateful.”

“Horrifying assessments of the near future.”

'Ghoster' Quotes:

“Barely even sparing a thought for your absence.”

“Restraint prevailed.”

“Grim excitment.”

“I believed Scott Palmer was the man to banish loneliness for good.”

“The idyllic picture we'd created.”

“Whose websites don't even pretend to be friendly and reassuring.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Shocking web of disturbing lies.”

“Kills me to death.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Television now being watched only by old people.”

“Doorbells, they said they hadn't rung one in years.”

“Perpetual disgruntlement.”

“Quarrelsome obstructionism.”

“Deeply unpopular bid.”

“Seethed with bitterness.”

“A graveyard of pledges.”



“Grim echoes.”

“Excess of arrogance.”

“No real purpose in life any more.”

“Very lonely and miserable and there is usually a mistress,”

“Dock walk.”

“Shower cry.”

“Real sadness.”

“Turquoise seas (which the owners did not allow them to swim in).”

“Emotional fallout.”

“Hugely worrying.”

“Position she has found herself in and her own contribution to that.”

“Loud observations.”

“Delivered her latest tirade.”

“Dime-store fiction.”

“An imagined golden age of courage and freedom.”

“Normative behaviour.”

“Folkloric imprint...”

“Dignity check.”

“Now she has it and she's waving it around, pointing at things.”

“Owe nobody niceness.”


'Sky News' Quotes:

“The only continent that has never seen a war.”

“Put peace and science first.”

“Generation-defining error.”

'Smiley Face Killers' Quote:

“Psychopaths on a nationwide hunt for victims.”

'Snapped' Quote:

“Lack of panic.”

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