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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Issues 10&11 Reviewed

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Issue 10

I found this by chance. Robin Wood is a watcher? Buffy's missing. Kendra is in town. Cordelia is in peril. Giles sweats and screams at Robin Wood. Xander is an idiot. Xander looks like Swamp Thing. Willow and Rose broke up. This was not elaborately imaginative but it is not irredemably terrible. Giles is grossly incompetent and agitated. Is he on drugs? Willow whines which is her perpetual state.

Best Lines:

“Getting to school feels like a post-apocalyptic movie.”

“Please stop using the cracks in the school as waste receptacles. All lunches must be thrown out in the identified trash cans.”

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Issue 11

Who's Luke? Robin Wood rages. Xander whines. How was Kendra called? Willow's rude. Robin Wood doesn't know Xander in a vampire? Willow doubts she is a witch. Robin Wood screams about not being a slayer and hulks out. This wasn't pretty decent, this title invariably disappoints. The more this goes on the less interesting it seems.

Best Lines:

“She threw a rock at Luke's head, but in, like, a cool way.”

“You've got these humans convinced they are your friends.”

“After-school tutoring sessions have been cancelled until Mr Chomsky stops screaming at everyone.”

“Out-to-lunch privileges will be suspended for all seniors while the sinkhole in the parking lot is being filled in.”

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