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Book Review: A Nest Of Nightmares, part 2

A Nest Of Nightmares by Lisa Tuttle, part 2

Tuttle is one of those writers who don't like being called horror writers despite writing horror.

The Other Mother

This was a significant failure. What's gesso? A wife and mother has perpetual resentment. The idiot whiny woman sees her children as an insurmountable problem.

Best Lines:

“Worn out with the effort of keeping a lid on her anger.”

“Lost whatever talent she once had.”


This leaves you incredulous. What was it about? What was it for? Logic and meaning is a forlorn hope.

The Memory Of Wood

A whiny woman buys a chest. Bad stuff goes down. Why are all Tuttle's female characters so useless?

A Friend In Need

A woman encounters a face from the past who causes chilling implications. This was nice and ominious.

Stranger In The House


Sun City

Another racist tale with no terrible finality.

The Nest

No blissful terror.

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