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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Miss Americana' trailer

Taylor Swift swears and carries one of her cats. Why is she always in shorts? Mmmm.

Best Line:

“Dead face.”

'Baghdad Central' promo


'October Faction' promo


'The Pharmacist' trailer

An expose of the opioid crisis.

Best Line:

“Heroin in a pill.”

'Star Trek Picard' opening credits


'Inside No 9' series 5 promo

David Morrissey!

Best Line:

“Vegan cannibal.”

'Bobby Kennedy For President' trailer

Another documentary.

'Star Trek Picard' trailer

Old man Picard, a Borg cube, cards, Romulans and 7 of 9.

Best Lines:

“You are the destroyer.”

“They warned me you were a speech maker.”

'Billionaire Boys Club' (2018) trailer

Another version of the Joe Hunt story. No.

Hazelnut praline – yum.

I will be reviewing 'Batwoman', 'Night Thunder' and 'World's Finest'.

I didn't watch 'White House Farm' 1x02.

E Pluribus Unum.

'Casting JonBenet' was not good.

Who saw 'I Spy'?

Read the 6 chapter excerpt of 'Docile' – I am not impressed.

'Bobby Kennedy For President' was utter futility.

Best Lines:

“Resist the new.”

“Occupational illiterates.”

“Riot trained and ready for action.”

“The hippies!”

“Horrible time.”

“National tragedy.”

“The race the young people sneer at,”

“Murder without malice verdict.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Previous outbreaks of scary viruses.”

“Air of meance.”

'Snapped' Quotes:

“Someone the eyes of the law cannot look past.”

“A nuisance in their lives.”

“Stayed his.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Rapidly losing confidence in their convictions, and failing to make the hard choices their jobs require.”

“So-called aversion to compromise.”

“Social dead end.”

“Rejected by her community.”

“Just fell part for her.”

“We have to undo what was done to this society.”

“Unattractive outcome.”

“Monumental waste of time, effort and energy.”

“Misrule the country.”

“Belong to another age.”

“To provide them with direction and support and so keep them from destroying themselves.”

“Reduction effort.”

“Option of last resort.”

“Moral question.”

“Vitriolic reaction.”

Reiterate the moral basis of his objection.”

“Eerie presence in the greenhouse.”

“Staring at her in constant adoration and nodding in consistent agreement.”

“Laden with guilt.”

“No evidence of any response.”

“Threatening his existence.”

“Behaviour of distress.”

“None of them received an appropriate response.”

“Relentless exclusion.”

“Negative hostility.”

“Necessary consequence.”

“Taken a shovel to his mother's abusive boyfriend.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Right of existence.”

“Of international concern.”

“Comfort place.”

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